Thailand is a sensory paradise with its lively capital, captivating jungles, and breathtaking islands. Exploring the vibrant food scene is a must, especially with the recent debut of the Michelin guide in Bangkok. Indulge in a variety of street foods and Michelin-starred restaurants without breaking the bank, unlike cities like London and Paris. While mango sticky rice along Soi 38 is always a treat, consider treating yourself to a transformative dining experience.

For Cassie Leventhal, a fashion executive based in New York City, Thailand is like a second home. Whenever she’s in Bangkok, she takes pleasure in discovering the city’s culinary treasures. Let’s hear her recommendations for the top restaurants in Bangkok!

“Beyond its world-renowned street food, Bangkok’s fine dining scene has been gaining momentum since 2010,” she shared. “I’m thrilled to share a few of my personal favorites with you.”

3. Best Fine Dining Restaurants in Bangkok: Bo.Lan 

Bo.Lan is one of the best restaurants in Bangkok

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Dylan ‘Lan’ Jones and Duangporn ‘Bo’ Songvisava, a husband and wife duo, have introduced traditional Thai cuisine to Bo.Lan in Bangkok. Fusing the flavors of spicy street food, home-cooking, and palace-style cuisine, they offer a culinary experience like no other.

At Bo.Lan, locally sourced, organic ingredients take center stage. With a commitment to a zero carbon footprint, the chefs have established a vegetable garden, an extensive waste-recycling system, and a water-filtering system.

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Daniel Food DiaryAt Bo.Lan, dinner is served in set menus with a sharing-style dining experience. Guests have the option to choose from three degustation menus. All dishes are served at the same time, creating a course-prohibited dining experience. Popular dishes include Stir-fried Prawns with Paddy Oat Leaves, Red Curry of Phang Nga Chicken with Young Jackfruit, and Salad of Phang Nga Chicken.

Considered one of the best restaurants in Bangkok, Ms. Leventhal highly recommends making an 8:00 PM reservation to enjoy the sunset before heading to Bo.Lan. For a delightful start to the evening, she suggests visiting the charming rooftop bar at Bar Octave, located nearby. Enjoy a sunset during happy hour and then make your way to Bo.Lan for an unforgettable dining experience.

2. Saawaan

Saawan is one of best restaurants in Bangkok

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Saawan, which means “Heaven in Thai, is new to the Bangkok restaurant scene, having just opened in 2018. While new, it’s already one of the best restaurants in Bangkok. Co-owner and Chef Sujira “Aom” Pongmorn provides a ten-course tasting menu that combines old world Thai recipes with a new, modern twist. An a la carte menu is also available.

Chef Aom’s goal is to bring Thai street food to the restaurant table. “Despite having experience with molecular gastronomy, I have chosen not to use it at Saawan. Saawaan is all aboutthe real food and real taste, not using anything to enhance the food,” she said. “I want to ‘wake up’ food that is slowly dying or hard to find.”

One of her favorite creations is the Nam prik, which features paddy field crab as the star ingredient. After being introduced to it by a group of farmers, she decided to include it in the menu. “My goal is to bring the authentic local style and dining experience to high-end restaurants,” she expressed.Saawaan is one of the best new restaurants in Bangkok.

Lifestyle AsiaAccording to Ms. Leventhal, the tasting menu at this establishment is highly recommended. She suggests skipping the wine pairing and opting for the Thai teas instead. She describes the experience at Sawwaan as “out of this world” and praises it as a unique blend of fine dining and Thai cuisine. The regional teas, in particular, stood apart with their distinct flavors, offering a refreshing departure from the typical Thai teas found on the streets.

1. Suhring 

Suhring is one of the best restaurants in Bangkok

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At Suhring, German twins Thomas and Mathias Sühring showcase their native cuisine with a twist. This restaurant, with the support of renowned chef Anand from Gaggan, has quickly become one of Bangkok’s top spots, ranking at number 13 on Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants. Housed in a charming restored glass townhouse, Suhring offers stunning views of a tropical garden, creating a romantic setting perfect for special occasions. Guests can witness the culinary magic at the open kitchen, where chefs prepare signature dishes like Himmel und Erde, crispy potatoes with black pudding and green apples, and Spätzle, a delectable German pasta dish.

Suhring is one of the best restaurants in Bangkok

The World’s 50 Best

While a la carte options are available, Ms. Leventhal recommends indulging in the 8 or 12-course option, saying “it won’t disappoint.”