Rare Photos Of The Rolling Stones Are Showing A Different Side Of The Rock Band

One Of The Greatest Rock Bands

Quick — name a British rock band. “The Beatles” is usually the knee-jerk response, yet most seem to forget the other powerhouse from across the pond: the Rolling Stones.

The raunchy, unfiltered foil to the Fab Four’s straight-laced style, the Stones were everything the Beatles weren’t — and became one of the greatest rock bands of all time for it.

A Fateful Reunion


It all began in 1961 when 18-year-old Michael “Mick” Jagger ran into his childhood friend Keith Richards on platform two of Dartford railway station.

Noticing the stack of Chuck Berry and Muddy Waters records Mick was carrying, Keith floated the idea of the two jamming together sometime.

Taking A Shot


Along with mutual friend Dick Taylor, the duo began exploring their musical talents, eventually recruiting two others to form the Blues Boys.

Eager to get themselves heard, the group decided to send a tape of their best recordings to Alexis Korner, a local blues legend.

An Unexpected Offer


Alexis was impressed by the tape, so much so that he invited Mick, Keith, and Dick to join his band, Alexis Korner’s Blues Incorporated.

It was at Blues Incorporated they’d meet slide guitarist Brian Jones, who had an interesting proposition for the trio.

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