This Tiny House In May Look Small, But It Fits A Family Of Three And A Dog


Comfortable Living

One family in Belarus has moved into their do-it-yourself micro house which takes up only 16 m2 (around 160 square feet) and where every single inch is put to good use. The family of three-and-a-half (that’s their dog), started the project when they found themselves paying over $500 for rent in the city of Minsk every month. So instead, they made a smart investment of only $4600 (that includes the furnishings) and built this micro house.

Inside it has all of the necessary amenities: a bathroom, a kitchen, living space, and even a washing machine. It uses natural gas and electricity for heating and thanks to the good insulation has become a permanent family home whole year-round. Another cool bit is that this house can be transported anywhere, as long as they get a permit from the road police.