The Surprising Truth Behind Suzi Quatro of Happy Days


Leather Tuscadero

Suzi Quatro was a successful musician before getting the role as Leather Tuscadero in Happy Days. Suzi got the part when a producer saw her poster in his daughter’s bedroom. He contacted Suzi and she didn’t even have to audition to get the part. Suzi’s band, The Pleasure Seekers were popular in Detroit and consisted of all females. They sometimes played with other successful bands from Detroit like Ted Nugent and Bob Seger.

Suzi got the opportunity to meet Elvis when his team contacted her due to her rising popularity. Suzi turned down the offer because she said she wasn’t ready to meet her childhood idol. Unfortunately, Elvis died a year later and she never got to meet him. Her record label was against her wearing leather when she recorded the promo for her album. She refused to back down and did the shoot in leather anyway.