How Chicago Are You?

Chicago is a great city to visit and you will be delighted by the vast selection of leisure options. In addition to many cultural offerings, this flat city offers outdoors enthusiasts many wide-open spaces, beautiful bodies of water and numerous walking or biking trails. Take this quiz to learn more about city that was the…

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Top 5 Sunniest Cities in the US


Sun worshipers in the Pacific time zone, rejoice! Florida may be the Sunshine State, but when it comes to sunny days, the West is by far the best. In fact, the Weather Channel says the five sunniest cities in the United States are scattered across Arizona, California, Nevada, and western Texas. Each of the top…

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Top 5 Greenest U.S. Cities


Many U.S. cities are working hard to be as green as possible. Things such as recycling, public transportation, and alternative energy sources like biofuels, solar, and wind power are among some of the indicators used to determine how green a city is. Other factors include parks and trees, consumption of local foodstuffs, water quality, and…

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Top UNESCO World Heritage Sites To Add To Your Bucket List


There are over 1,000 UNESCO World Heritage Sites to choose from, all rich in history, culture and architecture. The United Nations selects these sites based on extensive research of historical, cultural and scientific importance. We’ve selected some of our favorite ones, which also happen to be breathtakingly beautiful and popular tourist destinations. Here are some…

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25 Best Caribbean Resorts

best caribbean resorts

Every now and then, you might get an urge to be where the waves and the sand meet. Sure you can head to Europe and check out some of the amazing Mediterranean resorts, but why bother with the jet lag when you can hop on a plane and be at one of the best Caribbean…

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5 Most Romantic Vacation Cities in Europe

most romantic cities in europe

Are you ready for a getaway with your special someone? Consider choosing a romantic destination in Europe. Whether you prefer to tour the city, bike, or hike in the wilderness, or relax on the beach during your vacay, these cities will help you follow your heart. Here are our top 5 best most romantic cities…

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5 Awesome Attractions You Must See in Copenhagen


“Why did you come to Copenhagen?” asks a character in Michael Frayn’s play, Copenhagen. Well, why wouldn’t you? It’s a glorious, sophisticated city, an excellent introduction to Scandinavia, and a destination that is well worth your time. The wealth of culture and entertainment options in the city is overwhelming, from the natural beauty to the…

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Best Cities to Visit in the UK


There are many reasons to visit the UK, and the stunning countryside scenery is one of them. However, the cities can be as wonderful as the countryside if you know where to go. UK cities have so much to offer and are an incredibly diverse destination for the modern traveler Here are the best cities…

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