Discovery During Home Renovation Leads To FBI Investigation

Disturbing Demolition

An Ohio couple was renovating their 1940’s home when they stumbled upon something incredible. They had just finished the work on the first and second floors and moved on to the basement area. They had no idea what was to come. As they started the DIY demolition of the basement, hacking away at the plywood which formed the existing structure something caught their eye. The couple intrigued by what they could find started investigating further. But once they did, they unearthed something so groundbreaking they had to get the FBI involved.

As he began chipping away at the walls, he uncovered unassuming graffiti splattered across the basement. He didn’t take much notice at the widespread colors surrounding him. The homeowner continued with his work, cleaning the area before he began hammering through it and documenting every step of the way with a camera on hand.

Some walls were partly demolished when he took it upon himself to start the daunting task of tearing down the ceiling. As he began doing so, he soon discovered something that had him shouting for his wife’s attention.