35 Tips and Tricks to Learn How To Beat Jet Lag Effectively

18.) Avoid Blue Light Exposure

blue lights

We are exposed to artificial blue light — even though it looks white — almost all day, in our homes, offices, schools and even in the streets. The backlit screens of our phones, LEDs, fluorescent lighting all shine blue light at us.

Our bodies get pretty confused because they receive mixed signals. During the night, your body might falsely assume that it’s daylight due to the light exposure, which messes our cortisol levels.

To limit blue light’s effects:

  • Avoid scrolling on your mobile devices when flying as much as possible. If you use devices — we know how boring it can get on an 8-hour flight — turn on the “Night Mode.”
  • Download F.lux in case you need to work on your computer. It’s a program that turns the eerie blue glow of a computer screen and adapts it to the time of the day instead: warm at night and sunlight-like during the day.
  • Turn off your inflight entertainment TV screen.