Help! Are These Really The 45 Most Beautiful Places In The World?

The term “most beautiful places in the world” is subjective. But we’ll admit it: we get serious FOMO when scrolling through our Instagram feeds over coffee each morning, seeing those we follow post photos in yet another new, gorgeous location. It seems like every millennial these days is an influencer, spending all of his or her free time in the most beautiful cities, beaches, countrysides and landscapes. Not to mention the outfits.

Yes, we hate picture-perfect Instagrammers (jealousy can be so intense), but we also love them, as they open a window to places we’ve never been to, sharing their stories and images, and inspiring us to travel more. We’ve started our bucket lists, but with so many beautiful places out there, it’s nearly impossible to narrow it down!

Forbes recently talked with Beautiful Destinations, the largest travel and lifestyle community across social media, and asked them to use their data mining tools to rank the most beautiful places in the world. They looked at location tags and hashtags and drilled down their list. We reviewed their list and, while we agreed on a few, we also thought they missed a few key cities. So we did our own research, taking into consideration the most geo-tagged sites in Insta-stories as well as the most hashtagged locations, gave bonus points to the hard-to-get-to spots, removed the ‘it’s popular, but is it pretty?’ spots (here’s looking at you, Los Angeles), and came up with our own list.

Here are the top 45 most beautiful places in the world: