5 Most Beautiful Drives in the USA

5.) Columbia River Highway


EchoGolf Photography/ Shutterstock

The Columbia River Highway, completed in 1922, was the first road built as a scenic highway. You can find this 75-mile long scenic drive in Oregon in between the city of Troutdale and The Dalles. This road is also known as the first scenic highway and a National Historic Landmarks in the United States.

The road is in two sections that are separated by the 34-mile Historic Columbia River Highway State Trail, used by hikers and bikers. On the 24-mile western section, which begins in Troutdale, you pass a series of tall cascades, including Horsetail Falls and the 620-foot Multnomah Falls, with frequent glimpses of snow-capped Mt. Hood.

In the east, between Hood River and the Dalles, the road runs 16 miles through steep canyons and a series of horseshoe curves known as the Rowena Loops. On both sections, overlooks and pullouts offer sweeping views of the Columbia River Gorge.

In total, the drive takes about three to five hours with the option to stop and take in all of the natural beauty.

The best time to embark upon this unforgettable journey is during the spring through the fall season. In the spring and fall, you can see the many beautiful hues of the changing trees.