Top 5 Best Places to Ski in America

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Want to ski naked? There’s a resort for that.

The best place to ski in America simply comes down to a matter of personal taste. Ski resorts throughout the USA boast different pulse-quickening features such as the best powder, the best half-pipe and the best drink special. There is truly something for every bunny – it just depends on what you’re looking for.

If you’re seeking the best overall resort including the best terrain, dining, and lifts, then Conde Nast readers have declared Telluride in Colorado the national winner. But if you’re looking for something a bit more unique to cater to your specific needs, then take a look at what the other resorts have to offer.

5.) Best Place to Ski and Risk Your Life: Jackson Hole

best places ski america jackson hole

If you’re looking for a resort that you are most likely to end up as an organ donor, then head to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. This resort offers runs so life-threatening, they include a disclaimer that medics may not be able to come after you if you get in trouble – you may even become a permanent part of the mountain.

One run in particular—known as Corbet’s Couloir—has a reputation for upending even the most adept skiers. If you can survive the initial two-story drop, tight turn, and make a snappy 45-degree exit, then you will be one of the few who can brag about it back at the lodge.

4.) Best Place to Ski and Save a Buck: Bridger Bowl

best places ski america cheap

Not everyone can afford to plunk down thousands of dollars for a weekend at Deer Valley or Aspen – this is where Bridger Bowl steps in. Located about 20 minutes from Montana State University, lift tickets are a fraction of the price you’ll find at more well-known resorts.

Instead of Michelin-rated restaurants, you’ll find funky record shops and vegetarian cafes. Instead of sipping Manhattans made with whiskey older than this century, you can grab a beer at Montana Aleworks. Instead of popping into Louis Vuitton when you take a day off from the slopes, you can visit Emerson, the site of a former school that now proudly displays up-and-coming local artists.


3.) Best Place to Ski and Stalk Celebrities: Deer Valley

best places ski america celebrity

Mountains are pretty and all, but some resorts excel at improving the landscape with famous patrons. Once a year, Deer Valley hosts the Celebrity SkiFest which attracts television and film stars to the slopes. The event raises money for Waterkeeper Alliance, a charity that protects rivers, streams, and coastlines around the world.

Deer Valley is a resort that’s close to Park City, home to the Sundance Film Festival which happens every January. Coming during this time could double your chances of celebrity sightings while having the opportunity to check out some great films and attend fabulous parties. Plus, if you can handle the crowds, you might be lucky enough to spot some of your favorite celebs.

2.) Best Place to Ski and Hook up: Snowbird

best places ski america and hookup

If you are single, and looking for a stranger who shares your love of both extreme skiing and dating, then head to Snowbird in Cottonwood Heights, Utah. According to GuySpeed, the young and wild like to congregate at The Tram, a bar on the mountain that serves drink specials such as $5 for a shot and beer; a seriously worrisome idea at that elevation.

Park City isn’t too far away with plenty of additional bar-hopping options, including the delicious and classy High West Distillery, featuring whiskeys and vodkas perfected at 7,000 feet.

1.) Best Place to Ski and Go Naked: Aspen

best places ski america aspen naked


Aspen, Colorado, is at the top of a lot of ski resort lists for its decadent atmosphere and nighttime entertainment. This is the best place to ski naked. Tours operated by Shoes Only Travel manage groups of nudists through ski resort activities once a year. If you are worried your ski vacation will include too many layers, then join this tour for a titillating winter experience.

Typically occurring in March, this five-night package is called the Sexy Snow Bunny Lifestyle Ski Trip. However, this tour is for couples and single ladies only.