How Chicago Are You?

Chicago is a great city to visit and you will be delighted by the vast selection of leisure options. In addition to many cultural offerings, this flat city offers outdoors enthusiasts many wide-open spaces, beautiful bodies of water and numerous walking or biking trails. Take this quiz to learn more about city that was the…

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Top 5 Sunniest Cities in the US


Sun worshipers in the Pacific time zone, rejoice! Florida may be the Sunshine State, but when it comes to sunny days, the West is by far the best. In fact, the Weather Channel says the five sunniest cities in the United States are scattered across Arizona, California, Nevada, and western Texas. Each of the top…

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Top 5 Greenest U.S. Cities


Many U.S. cities are working hard to be as green as possible. Things such as recycling, public transportation, and alternative energy sources like biofuels, solar, and wind power are among some of the indicators used to determine how green a city is. Other factors include parks and trees, consumption of local foodstuffs, water quality, and…

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5 Most Beautiful Drives in the USA

Taking the scenic route in the United States means you can pick from a long menu of American landscapes. The United States doesn’t disappoint when it comes to variety in landscapes. Take your pick of deserts, mountains, seacoasts, and river gorges — all are available to provide a memorable drive. We’ve included places from all…

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Best Cities in America for Singles in 2019

best cities for singles

If you’re in the mood to date and meet new people, you might not want to live in a retirement community or a town full of smug married people. We’re not talking about cities that are all about clubbing, hooking up with as many chicks or dudes as possible and being the world’s biggest Don…

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5 Best New York City Attractions

best New York City Attractions

New York City is a dream destination for many people. The charm of the skyscraper-packed metropolis with more than eight million inhabitants is incomparable to any other destination in the world. It’s a little surprising that approximately 60 million tourists make their dream come true every year and experience life in the city of cities, even…

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Top 5 Winter Weekend Trips in USA

Top 5 winter weekend trips in the USA

Winter is here. It’s cold and it’s wet, so you are more than likely staying at home wrapped up in a blanket, drinking hot cocoa and waiting for the warmer summer months to arrive. Instead of wasting your time at home have you thought about planning some winter weekend trips in USA? There are so…

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Top 5 Longest Tunnels in the U.S.

The Ted Williams Tunnel - Not only is it one of the longest tunnels in the U.S., it is also one of the most expensive.

When you’re outside of the longest tunnels in the U.S., you can’t help but wonder how they were built. When driving through them, you hope they were built well. Both engineering marvels and logistical nightmares, tunnels provide transportation through mountains and rivers that once stood as boundaries to human advancement. Requiring the highest levels of…

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Top 5 Best Movies with an NYC Setting

movies nyc | Saturday Night Fever and other great New York City movies

King Kong, Ghostbusters and many more are popular movies NYC landmarks have featured in, and this is no surprise, as the Big Apple is a city like no other. With a population density and urban environment that stand out whenever the city is photographed or filmed, stories set in NYC appear throughout literature, television and film.…

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Top 5 Wine-Tasting Destinations

5 wine-tasting destinations

Unless you are a wine expert, there is a strong possibility that you don’t know how to distinguish the difference between the various wine flavors. However, this is a skill that can be leaned and this can be done at a wine tasting. Why Attend a Wine Tasting If you love wine, you’ll love attending…

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