How to Get Free Checked Baggage on Major U.S. Airlines

2.) Have the Right Credit Cards

Many airlines waive checked baggage fees for holders of their credit cards.

If you’re a holder of an airline’s major credit cards or a card from any of their partners, you can usually get one or two bags for free. The great thing about this is that while you’re racking up points, you’ll also be saving money towards your trip. Check with your airline for the specific card details.

If you have any of the top travel credit cards, you may also be able to use your benefits towards your baggage fees.

Cards that offer these types of benefits include:

  • Chase Sapphire
  • Some American Express cards
  • Some Bank of America cards

Most of these credit card companies give you a stipend on travel credit money that you can spend toward airlines. This allowance can be used to pay for bags on flights.

The list of benefits is endless and varies for each credit card, so check with your travel credit card company for specific details on how to get these benefits.