Digital Nomad City Guide: Las Palmas

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Consider being a digital nomad in the hidden gem of the Canary Islands! Located off Africa, the Spanish territory is a hotspot for Europeans.💡

Notably, Gran Canaria is a go-to destination with a near-perfect climate, a high-quality, affordable lifestyle, and a growing community of location-independent professionals.

While the trip may be a bit of a trek from the US (no direct flights), your journey will be worth it! The capital of Gran Canaria, Las Palmas, is a great destination for digital nomads, making it the perfect place to escape the 9-to-5 and embrace a remote lifestyle.

So why wait? Pack your bags and head to the Canary Islands!

6. There Are Loads of Affordable Places to Live

Digital Nomad in The Canary IslandsLooking for a digital nomad island paradise? Settle near Las Canteras Beach on Gran Canaria! With surfing coves & affordable hostels right on the beach, you’ll get reliable WiFi and refreshing waves.

Enjoy stunning views, local restaurants, & adventure opportunities like hiking scenic trails!

Top Living Spaces

  • HiTide House is not located on the beach but has an amazing rooftop as well. Even better?
  • Airbnb hosts have more than 300 apartments available in Las Palmas, and private rooms can be found for as little as $11 a night!

5. There Are Plenty of Great Spots To Work

Digital Nomad in The Canary Islands

Are you worried you won’t have a place to work as a digital nomad in the Canary Islands? Fear not! There is no shortage of WiFi cafes, co-working spaces and even digital nomad groups in Las Palmas. The meetup group Digital Nomads Gran Canaria has more than 1,000 members and counting, and the Gran Canaria Digital Nomads Facebook group has nearly 4,000 members. A few of their favorite places to work include:

  • CoWorKingC: Just a short walk to the beach, CoWorKingC (pictured above) costs $25 a day, or $200 a month. It was also founded by Nacho Rodriquez, owner of the aforementioned co-living space, The Roof. According to Chris The Freelancer, who made Las Palmas his digital nomad spot for awhile, “[t]he members were friendly, the working space is comfortable, and the coffee machine is awesome!”
  • COCO Coworking: Noted for its bright, natural light, COCO is a little less than $20 a day, or $160 a month. Reviews are positive, with Bellinda A. recently noting, “[t]he space has a lot of light with huge windows. All work places are close to windows, and it is very quiet, so one can make calls if needed. The people are very nice, and you will always find someone to go to lunch with. It is within walking distance of the beach, and there are plenty of nice cafes and shops around. You have good WiFi, free coffee, water or tea.”
  • PlayaChicaWork: Just a two-minute walk to the beach, this newly opened co-working space costs $8 a day, or $120 a month. Digital nomad Isa considers it her favorite place to work in Las Palmas, remarking, “[g]reat new coworking space in Las Palmas that opened just recently. Relaxed atmosphere, nice people, and attractive space. The location is perfect as it is in Las Canteras—only 1 or 2 minutes away from the beach, so you can see the sunset after work 🙂 Just opposite the coworking space, you have a supermarket, plus many nice coffee shops and restaurants close if you want to have a break or eat at the beach for lunch. The owner is very welcoming and helpful, which gives the space a familiar feel. For me, it’s the best coworking space in Las Palmas!”

Not quite feeling like a coworking space? Check out a few great restaurants and cafes with WiFi, including:

  • The Couple: An adorable beach-front cafe with delicious pastries (and more), strong WiFi and a staff that doesn’t mind you using their tables for your office.
  • Cafe Regina is a coffee shop that prides itself on its Colombian-sourced coffee. Coffee is fantastic, WiFi is strong and a variety of Spanish and non-Spanish food is available.
  • Cafe Suecia: A Swedish cafe just off the beach with amazing sticky buns, good coffee, and (most importantly) free and strong WiFi.


4. The Beaches Are Simply Amazing

Digital Nomad in the Canary Islands

Gran Canaria Digital Nomads’ Facebook Page

While the Canary Islands boast over 500 beaches in total, Gran Canaria offers two main ones: Las Canteras, located in the north of the island, and Maspalomas, located in the south.

Located in Las Palmas, the capital of Gran Canaria, Las Canteras isn’t just a beach for locals but also an ideal spot for digital nomads! With a 1-mile stretch of pristine golden sands, it’s perfect for long walks and relaxation. The calm waters make it great for snorkeling or for taking leisurely dips. Additionally, a promenade lined with cozy cafes, top-notch restaurants, magnificent hotels, and much more runs along the beach.

If you’re traveling with kids, you’ll be pleased to know that the beach has plenty of playgrounds to keep them entertained. Moreover, you can always rent umbrellas, lounges, and surfboards. And, if you’re a surfer, head to the bay at the end of the beach!


3. The Cost of Living Is Super Affordable

Digital Nomad in the Canary Islands


If you’re starting your digital nomad life, chances are you’re on a tight budget, which makes the idea of kicking off your remote job and being a digital nomad in the Canary Islands all the more appealing. Contrary to most beach towns in Europe, the Canary Islands are a steal. Just take a look at these average costs for Las Palmas from

  • Average monthly rent for a furnished studio: $595
  • One night at HiTide House Hostel (beachfront): $25
  • Monthly public transportation cost: $50
  • Cocktail at a local club: $7
  • Monthly gym membership: $43
  • Cappuccino: $2.28
  • Glass of wine: $4.50
  • Basic dinner for two at an average restaurant: $31

Keep in mind that these are average prices; we in the digital nomad community are good at budgeting and finding deals, and we can definitely find cheaper options than the above!


2. The Weather Makes Outdoor Activities Golden

Digital Nomad in the Canary IslandsThe Canary Islands are often said to have “the world’s best climate.” The temperature rarely dips below 68F in the winter and 86F in the summer, making it perfect year-round. It rarely rains, there’s no humidity, and the only weather faux-pas you’ll experience is the occasional sandstorm brought in from the Sahara Desert.

As we mentioned, Gran Canaria offers some pretty amazing beaches; the island is perfect if you’re a sun worshipper and water enthusiast, as you can surf, scuba, snorkle, windsurf, kitesurf, and more. Not into surfing? Gran Canaria also offers golf, tennis and amazing hiking.


1. The City Life Sizzles

Digital Nomad in the Canary Islands - City Life


Located in Las Palmas, a buzzing beach town that meets city-like vibes, the Triaina old town showcases a lively promenade flanked by top brands like Zara, Desigual, and Bimba y Lola. Furthermore, countless wine bars, tapas bars, and eateries line the streets. Closer to the beach is another shopping district with more shops, cafes, and restaurants.

If you’re a digital nomad exploring the Canary Islands, drop us a comment and share why you chose the “Hawaii of Spain” as your base!

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