13 Tips For Staying Healthy While Traveling

3.) Combat The Jetlag

Healthy Traveling flight tips to help with jetlag

We all hate it, that’s undeniable: Jet-lag is a mood-killer. But there are ways to give your body a little boost and make crossing several time zones less intense. Before boarding your flight, switch to your destination’s local time on your phone or watch.

Once you’ve arrived force yourself to stay awake until it’s really time to go to bed. If you arrive early in the day have a little nap. Just enough to not feel like a train wreck.

Avoid alcohol at all costs. Instead, drink plenty of water or juice to stay hydrated. Avoid coffee, tea and soft drinks and consider fasting on your flight.

Sleep on the flight. Don’t forget to pack a cozy sweater and settle in for a nap. It does wonders for when you arrive at your destination, well-rested and ready to explore!