How to Avoid Theft While Traveling

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Traveling is one of the most freeing and memorable experiences anyone can do. However, it can take a nasty turn if you suddenly find yourself becoming a victim of crime.

In the age of technology, we carry smartphones, tablets, cameras, and even laptops with us when traveling. All of these can be at risk of theft if you don’t take the right precautions before you leave and while you are at the destination.

When you visit big cities such as Athens, Rome, or other cities across the globe, you may be pickpocketed. Traveling on buses or subways are the most common places that this type of crime takes place. If you are staying in a hosel, you are also at risk of theft. These crimes can put a dampener on your whole traveling experience.

So, how do you prevent theft from happening to you while you travel? If you do your research and invest in some anti-theft products, you can reduce the risk of it happening to you.

Nearly all crimes suffered by tourists are non-violent, so there is no need to panic when traveling. Remember to relax, take in your surroundings, and be aware of what’s going on so that you can stay safe and still have fun.

Here are our tips on how to avoid theft while traveling. 

5.) Research Your Destination

research your destination

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The first step to safety is to prepare for the area you will visit.

Check Crime Rates

Before arriving at your chosen travel destination, know that you are letting yourself in for. Do your research, find out about the area, and check what the crime rates are. Check to see if pickpocketing is a problem or if robbery is an issue.

After all, it is better to be prepared so that you can protect yourself and your belongings while you are staying there.

Refer to travel blogs and travel guides to read up on what type of crime is most common in that destination. Find information on local websites for the area or country. Even ask friends and relatives that have listed before or ask people in online communities what their experience was like.

Check Travel Warnings

One of the most essential tips for how to avoid theft while traveling is to check for any travel warnings. Go on to the local government’s travel website to see if that are any currently travel warnings before you leave.

Travel warning alerts are in place to let you know if there is an increase in crime, theft, and violence in the area. If there is an alert for the destination, you can be prepared for that situation. In some extreme circumstances when the alert is high, you may even need to change travel plans.

4.) Be Prepared for Theft

be prepared for theft when traveling

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After you are familiar with the risk, take steps to prepare yourself if something happens.

Buy Theft Insurance

Travel insurance is always a helpful purchase when you travel. Insurance will cover you against any unexpected emergencies or unforeseen circumstances. If you find that the crime and theft rate for your destination is high, theft insurance is an investment that you should make.

When you purchase travel insurance, go through your policy to double check that it includes theft coverage. Theft insurance will you give peace of mind knowing that your items are covered against loss or theft. If your camera, laptop, or more expensive items are stolen, you can make a claim to get these items replaced.

Stay Vigilant in Crowded Areas

When traveling in highly populated areas such as cities and tourist spots, always be on high alert. It pays to be extra vigilant while in crowd areas because pickpockets are all around. A pickpocket will take any opportunity they can to snatch a wallet or purse.

Wear your travel backpack on the front instead of your back. You may find many locals doing this because someone can quickly reach in the bag, grab a wallet, and be on their way before you’ve even noticed.

Top Tip: Secure all zippers with a lock to prevent pickpockets.

3.) Secure Your Luggage

secure your luggage

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Another way to avoid being a victim of theft is to prepare your luggage.

Buy Luggage Locks

Travel tip 101: Make sure that your luggage is locked. Secure your luggage with a padlock, cable lock, or combination lock to prevent anything being stolen from your luggage.

Thieves tend to target luggage that has not been secured with a lock. If you invest in some TSA-approved luggage locks, your luggage is less of a target. If you are staying in a hostel, a padlock will help keep your belongs safe in a locker.

Use an Anti-Theft Backpack

An anti-theft backpack is a significant investment if you are already considering traveling with a backpack. These anti-theft backpacks keep your belongings secure. They have locks and zipper clips to make it difficult for pickpockets to access the inside and make off with your items.

These backpacks often have mesh or wire within the material, which makes it more challenging for thieves to slash with a knife and escape with your belongings.

Cover the Backpack With a Waterproof Sack

To keep your backpack extra secure, you can invest in a waterproof sack to cover the bag. A waterproof backpack cover will keep your bag dry and protect it from possible water or moisture. It is an extra layer of security.

The waterproof sack will coverup any zippers, straps, or pockets on the backpack, making it difficult for any possible thieves to access. A waterproof backpack cover will help keep your belongings safe.

2.) Keep Personal Items and Important Documents Safe

keep person items and important documents safe

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When you travel, you bring a lot of identification and money. Take steps to protect these items.

Store Important Documents and Personal Items in a Safe

You should keep your important documents, such as travel insurance policies and ID, in a secure place.

Many hotels have a safe in your room that you can use for free or for a small charge. If your hotel room comes with a safe, use it to store your cash, credit cards, important documents, and ID. If you carry these items with you during the day, you could lose them. Keeping them in safe ensures that they are secure and not at risk.

Keep Photocopies of Your Passport or ID

When it comes to carrying important documents with you, make a copy. You can take the copies away with you when you travel and give the original to a friend or family member to look after.

Also, make a backup copy of the original. It will then be easier for you to obtain a new one if the original is lost or stolen.

Don’t Carry All of Your Money With You

The best way to avoid the theft of your money while traveling is to keep it separated when you are out and about for the day. Never keep all your money together in one place. If any of it is stolen, you’ll have another stash of cash to tide you over for the rest of your trip.

Top Tip: Separate your money. Keep some cash in your safe, others in a secure wallet, and some in an inside jacket pocket or even a sock or shore.

1.) Prepare to Avoid Pickpockets

how to avoid pickpockets

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Finally, when you’re out while you travel, protect yourself against pickpockets.

Wear a Money belt

Want to know how to avoid theft while traveling with cash? Wear a money belt or running belt to keep your cash and personal items safe.

Money belts are small and sleek. They sit next to your torso so they can be worn under clothes. No one will even know that you are wearing one.

Fasten a money belt around your waist and keep your belongings safe. Available in a variety of sizes a money belt can even be used to store smartphones. A money belt will give you peace of mind, knowing that your cash, cards, and phones are safe and secure.

Use a Dummy Wallet

Using a dummy wallet while traveling is a fantastic way to cover your back if you are unlucky enough to become a victim of crime.

Buy a second cheap wallet and fill it with paper coupons and membership and loyalty cards. If someone swipes your wallet, they will be in for a surprise. Instead of making off with all your cash and credit cards, they will be stuck with coupons and loyalty cards. Your real wallet will be safely inside your money belt.

Better luck next time, you pesky thief!

Invest in an RFID Wallet

If you are a frequent traveler and visit many busy big cities where theft is a big issue, then you should consider investing in an RFID wallet. The RFID wallet is a must-have travel accessory that will help prevent any suspect individuals from swiping your credit card and selling your identity.

It is so easy these days to steal someone’s identity if you have the right technology. All a thief will need to do to get your credit card information is to bush against your wallet with an RFID device, and the information will be theirs within seconds.

The RFID wallet will protect this from happening and keep your credit card information secure and safe.

Use a Wrist Strap for a Camera

When you are on your vacation, it’s only natural that you’ll want to capture the moments. Vacations are for making memories and capturing those memories on a camera is the way to do it.

When taking that perfect Instagram worthy picture, it is so easy to get lost in the moment and forget about the surroundings. It is at this moment that a thief will see the ideal opportunity to strike. A camera can be snatched from your hand within seconds. The thief will be gone before you’ve had a chance to comprehend what has happened.

The answer to avoiding getting your camera taken by a thief while traveling is simple. Secure your camera with a wrist strap. If the camera is secured on your wrist, any thief will be less likely to grab it out of your hand.

While it is important to take precautions against theft while traveling, you must still remember to enjoy your time away. Try not to get paranoid about being a possible victim of crime. As long as you are aware of your surroundings and follow these key tips on how to avoid theft, you’ll be doing everything you can to prevent it from happening. Stay alert and have a good time.