35 Tips on How to Travel Cheap in 2019

How to Travel Cheap With Entertainment

When you visit a new place, you want to explore and visit local attractions. Some activities can end up being expensive, especially if you are traveling in a group. These simple and easy cheap travel ideas will allow you to experience as much as you can on a budget.

5.) Do Free Things

visit a free museum as a way to travel cheaply

There are many activities and venues you can visit that are completely free. A few suggestions:

  • Check out a museum or art gallery
  • Climb a mountain
  • Play in the park
  • Take a trip to the beach
  • Visit a local market
  • Visit a local street festival
  • Walk around and explore the area
  • Watch a sunrise or sunset

Before you leave for your destination, do your research to see what free activities are available. Also, check to see what events and festivals are being held and try and coordinate your travels so that you can visit these. However, be aware that some accommodation may inflate their prices when festivals are being held.