The Glitz and The Glam: Luxury Travel’s Ritziest Resorts in The World

When it comes to luxury travel, the world is a playground for those who are lucky enough to enjoy it. The sky is the limit when money isn’t a factor. Luxury travel boasts the utmost relaxation, destinations that you’ve never even heard of, tantalizing views and world-class customer service. Beautiful getaways, secluded resorts and private islands are among the choices for where to vacation in the world of elite travel.

The amount of ritzy hotels and resorts in the world is infinite and every new place seems more extravagant than the next. We’ve chosen some of the most shocking and over the top luxury hotels in the world that’ll make your jaw drop because of the views, the sought-after destinations and the price per night.

These resorts are so ritzy that they are usually frequented by the likes of millionaires and A-list celebrities.