Top 10 Best Solo Travel Destinations

Travel on your own, discover new places and discover your self. Check out these top 10 best solo travel destinations you’ll love to visit.

Have you ever thought of traveling by yourself.  There are many great solo travel destinations A lot of people miss out on traveling because their partner, spouse, or close friend doesn’t want to do it. Instead of going alone, they pass it up. You don’t have to do that. Why hold yourself a prisoner to someone else’s preferences? If your family or friends don’t want to travel with you, and safety’s not an issue, hop on a plane and go where you want to go.

Traveling solo rocks, and according to published reports, it’s on the rise. Here’s why.

Reasons Why Solos Travel Is Awesome

man traveling solo

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There are many reasons why you should embark on the adventure of a lifetime and take a solo trip. Here are some of the reasons why solo travel is awesome.

You Might Save Some Money

Traditional travel philosophy holds that solo travelers end up paying more for their trips because they foot the entire cost of their hotel rooms themselves. On package tours and many cruises, they often end up paying single supplements that essentially punish them for traveling alone.

That’s not always true, however. When you’re on your own, you miss out on some of the subtle peer pressure that encourages you to spend. You’re not going to be buying a round at the pub or buying something you don’t want at a shop because a friend has encouraged you to “just get something.”

Another way to save money is to do your research and book the best cheap flights you can find. Getting an inexpensive flight will give you more of a budget to spend on accommodation and food.

You Have Time to Think

Introverts will perhaps understand this one a little more than extroverts, but it applies to everyone.

When you travel, you enjoy sights, smells, and experiences, and it can take a while to process them all. When you’re with other people you don’t always get that chance – if you want to spend an afternoon in quiet reflection or write in a journal, you’re often met with the query “why aren’t you talking? Are you mad at me?” If you’re on your own, you can soak in your environment and consider it fully.

You Can Still Be as Social as You Want

When you travel alone, you’re as social, or as solitary, as you want to be. It can be much easier to meet new friends when you’re on your own because you’re not concentrating on interacting with your travel companions.

If you have friends in the city you’re visiting, you can meet them for lunch or spend a day together and then go on your way. If you don’t want to have social interactions with anyone during your trip, you can do that too, and nobody will be offended.

You Truly Get a Break From It All

When you travel alone, you get a break from it all – everyone you know and everything that might be stressing you out at home. You can return to the “real world” refreshed and ready to seize the day because you’ve had some time away from it and a chance to take stock, reflect, and regroup.

You Get Your Way

This one isn’t selfish, as it might initially sound. Going on vacation with other people, even those you love or like immensely, usually involves compromise and negotiation, and you might miss out on things you want to do.

When you’re on your own, you have the freedom to go anywhere you choose and do what you want, when you want. You’re not interfering with anyone else’s vacation experience, and they aren’t interfering with yours. You can go at your own pace: if you want to spend an entire day wandering through the Louvre or surfing or watching football matches at a pub, nobody’s going to fuss about it.

If you are new to the solo travel game and don’t know where to start fear not, we have put together some tips for booking your first solo trip.

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Top 10 Best Solo Travel Destinations

Doing things on your own can be incredibly rewarding, and the benefits will last a lifetime. Traveling solo increases self-confidence, allows you to learn more about yourself, and gives you a sense of achievement. Plus, travel is also good for your health.

Here are ten of the best solo travel destinations that you should add to your must-visit list. 

10. Antigua, Guatemala

a colorful street in antigua, guatemala

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  • Average Summer Temperature: A high of 26° with a low of 15°.
  • Average Winter Temperature: A high of 22° with a low of 12°.

Antigua is an ideal solo travel destination with its beautiful cobblestone streets, colorful rainbow buildings, and ancient Maya ruins. This city is an inexpensive place to travel to.

Local artisan markets stock something for everyone. There is a variety of food available, including plenty of vegetarian options.

9. Siem Reap, Cambodia

woman taking a photo of a temple in cambodia

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  • Average Summer Temperature: A high of 33° with a low of 25°.
  • Average Winter Temperature: A high of 31° with a low of 22°.

Cambodia has long been a favorite destination of backpackers and solo travelers due to its low accommodation and living cost. Thousands of travels make the journey to Cambodia to visit the ancient Angkor Wat temples, beautiful scenery, and great locals.

Visit Siem Reap for an adventure of a lifetime and embrace your inner Lara Croft and explore the tree-cover shrines of Ta Prohm that were featured in the Tomb Raider film.

8. Lombok, Indonesia

lombok, indonesia is one of the best solo travel destinations

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  • Average Summer Temperature: A high of 28° with a low of 21°.
  • Average Winter Temperature: A high of 27° with a low of 20°.

Lombok is a small island in Indonesia known for its great surf, snorkeling, and diving, making it a popular destination for solo travel.

Although Bali may be a more popular travel destination, it’s sister island Lombok is just as beautiful if not even better. Lombok boasts an idyllic coastline and authentic traditional communities. Indonesia is one of our favorite top solo travel destinations.

Top Tip: if you are planning to use a backpack for your solo trip, read our guide on how to pack a backpack for travel.

7. Bled, Slovenia

stunning lake and mountains in slovenia

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  • Average Summer Temperature: A high of 25° with a low of 13°.
  • Average Winter Temperature: A high of 6° with a low of -2°.

Home of the medieval Bled Castle, Bled, Slovenia, is a favorite Central Europe solo travel destination, and its popularity is still on the rise.

Outdoor activities are a must when visiting this city. Go hiking, horseback riding, or take in the amazing landscape. The tranquil Lake Bled is beautiful, stunning and will take your breath away. And Slovenia’s capital Ljubljana is just a bus ride away.

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6. Lisbon, Portugal

lisbon, portugal

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  • Average Summer Temperature: A high of 26° with a low of 17°.
  • Average Winter Temperature: A high of 15° with a low of 8°.

Lisbon is a vibrant city full of color and flare. Walk through the winding streets, taking in the yellow, blue and orange buildings and beautiful tiles walls. Visit LX Factory for the handmade markets and Pink Street for a coffee or glass of wine.

Lisbon is great for the solo traveler who wants culture and an awesome relaxed yet creative vibe.

Top Tip: Eat a Pasteis de Nat, a soft, sweet custard tart that is delicious and a must while in Lisbon.

5. Edinburgh, Scotland

edinburgh, uk

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  • Average Summer Temperature: A high of 18° with a low of 10°.
  • Average Winter Temperature: A high of 7° with a low of 1°.

Scotland’s capital city Edinburgh is not only beautiful, but it is full of some of the friendliest locals in the world, which makes it ideal for a solo traveler.

Visit Edinburgh Castle and take in the elegant architecture and views across the city. Edinburgh is jam-packed full of culture. Have a night at the theatre, coincide your visit with a festival, or visit one of the many museums and galleries.

4. Dubrovnik, Croatia

dubrovnik, croatia

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  • Average Summer Temperature: A high of 29° with a low of 22°.
  • Average Winter Temperature: A high of 12° with a low of 7°.

Dubrovnik, Croatia has featured the TV phenomena Game of Thrones as it is the setting for King’s Landing. Many GOT fans folk here to take in this magical setting and get that pic to share on Instagram. However, Dubrovnik has so much more to offer.

Dubrovnik is a medieval treasure within the beautiful city walls. With plenty of wine, bars, restaurants, and a panoramic view, there is plenty on offer for a solo traveler. Dubrovnik, Croatia is one of our favorite top solo travel destinations.

Top Tip: When packing, include the best travel accessories for solo travel.

3. Madrid, Spain

madrid, spain

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  • Average Summer Temperature: A high of 28° with a low of 16°.
  • Average Winter Temperature: A high of 12° with a low of 5°.

Madrid, Spain, is often overshadowed by the draw of Barcelona. However, Madrid has many things to offer a solo traveler. Madrid is a vibrant city known for its great music and spectacular food.

Experience a less touristy side of Spain and take the local attractions such a the city square and historical architecture. The Royal Palace of Madrid is an impressive building which you should visit if you get the chance. And while you are there visit the lovely Sabatini Gardens which are stunning.

Top Tip: Must-eat dishes are traditional Spanish paella and possibly the best tapas you’ll have in your life!

2. Oahu, Hawaii

oahu, hawaii

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  • Average Summer Temperature: A high of 28° with a low of 20°.
  • Average Winter Temperature: A high of 27° with a low of 18°.

With the sun shining pretty much every day, Oahu, Hawaii, is a perfect solo travel destination for all sun lovers. Sit back and relax on the pristine beaches and take in the laid back friendly vibe of Hawaii.

If you are a bit of a water baby then hit the sea, go snorkeling and get up close and personal with the local sea life. Whether it is beaches, hiking, cuisine, and outdoor activities Oahu, Hawaii has it all.

Top Tip: Trying to sleep on a long flight can be difficult due to the many distractions around you. Use a sleep mask to help block out light and help you drift off to sleep. You can’t beat Oahu as a top solo travel destinations.

1. Melbourne, Australia

melbourne, australia

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  • Average Summer Temperature: A high of 25° with a low of 14°.
  • Average Winter Temperature: A high of 12° with a low of 7°.

Melbourne is the number one place for solo travel destinations, and it has been voted the most livable city for seven years in a row. Many travels are heading to this diverse and cultured city, and others are setting up home and becoming a digital nomad in Melbourne.

Melbourne has a great gourmet food scene, shopping, and sporting events alongside stunning scenery and wildlife. There is something to do and see for every type of color traveler.

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Don’t base your travel plans on whether or not you have a traveling companion – if you want to get out there in the world and experience all it has to offer, go on your own. You’ll have fun. Pick your favorite of these top solo travel destinations and go for it!