Top 5 Best Airlines to Fly First Class

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When you’re planning your world travels, it’s difficult to know what the best airlines to fly first class are. Who will serve you the best meal? Which airlines have seats that recline to horizontal? And which admit the fewest first class passengers?

Instead of sitting in sardine-land in coach, a first-class ticket can keep you comfortable and pampered on your trips.

What Is First Class?

first class seating


On a flight, first class tickets usually refer to a limited number of seats toward the front of the airplane. The seats are often more spacious, comfortable, and private. Typically, first class is the highest class offered, but some airlines classify it as business class.

If you are looking to book a flight, you might be confused about what the difference is between business and first class. There are some differences between the two seats.

Business Class Is Better Than Coach

business seat


If you do not want to sit in coach, also known as economy class, you might want to consider booking business class. It is usually one step up from coach. Typically, a business class ticket will cost a lot less than a first class ticket.

If you want to upgrade but want something cheaper, a business class ticket is a good choice. You will still have the perks of first class without breaking the bank.

Travelers in business class get to enjoy food and drinks. Depending on the airline, you can have a limited number of food drink offerings, so make sure you know what you are getting when booking your seat on your next flight.

First Class Is the Best Option for Comfort

If you are looking for an experience that is luxurious and amazing, buying a first class ticket is the best option for you. Your seat will be spacious and comfortable. It will likely fully recline into a bed or even have an enclosed pod to add to the privacy. If you have a long flight ahead, then this can be a very comfortable option for you to sleep.

First class flyers are also given a meal, where they can choose from anything from the menu with an unlimited amount of alcohol with a snap of a finger. Some airlines have perks like providing slippers and pajamas, in-flight showers, and unlimited blankets and pillows. Because these are amazing perks, your ticket price will be higher than the business and economy class.

Each airline has its offering that will vary with the number of perks, but overall, first class seating is the best option if you are looking for a comfortable flight. Check each airline’s website and choose the right ticket based on your needs.

What are the best airlines with unbelievable perks and amenities? Check out the best airlines to fly first class with!

5.) Singapore Airlines

singapore airlines

Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines is perfect for those who like luxury.

For those who like to make every travel detail perfect, pre-order any of 60 dishes through Singapore Airline’s Book the Cook service. The eight first-class seats on their 777-300ERs and refitted 777-300s are a generous 35-inches wide and decked out in leather and mahogany.

You’ll also enjoy audio and video-on-demand through your noise-canceling headsets, then sleep on your horizontal bed, which comes with turn-down service.

Private Space

singapore private space

Singapore Airlines

You will have your own private space. There is a headrest on the chair that is made for comfort. The pillow and the back of the seat cushions will hug your body and make you feel instantly at home.

When you are in your private suite, you will see that curved provide extra privacy from you and the rest of the plane. You will also have a couch that turns into a bed.

Because it is private seating, there are extra wide seats. Instead of being uncomfortable in a chair that you just barely fit in, there is an extra cushion for lounging.

Booking a Cook

During the 24 hours before you fly, look at the exclusive first class menu, and reserve what you want to eat! These delicious meals are created by notable chefs from the International Culinary Panel.

Also onboard, there is a dine-in restaurant that provides full table service and alcohol to pair with the food.

Mood Lighting

singapore extra-wide-space

Singapore Airlines

When the cabin light is dimmed, there are ambient lights that will come on with you touch a button. This will fill your suite with light and serve as a night light.

KrisWorld Entertainment

krisworld entertainment

Singapore Airlines

With an impressive 1,000 entertainment selections of movies, television programs, music games, and app, the in-flight entertainment system is a video touchscreen handset with noise canceling headphones.

On certain flights, you can keep in contact with people by connecting to the WiFi while you message them.

Price: $18,000-$25,000

4.) Cathay Pacific Airways

cathay pacific airways

Cathay Pacific

On Boeing 747-400s, Cathay Pacific offers nine first-class seats. On the 777-300ERs, you’ll find only six.

Cathay Pacific won the 2013 World Airline Award for best cabin staff. You get lots of personal attention, including made-to-order Asian or international meals. You can also choose from hundreds of movies, TV shows, and radio channels in ten languages.

On long flights, you’ll get swag bags full of top brand-name products to help you freshen up.

Comfortable and Private Suite

sleeping cathay

Cathay Pacific

Once you are sitting on your flight, you will experience a private luxury seat. Leather and comfortable fabrics surround it. You can adjust your seat with a touchscreen remote and even enjoy a relaxing massage when you are sitting in the chair!

Once you are feeling tired, your seat transforms into a bed in the sky. The mattress is like a thick cloud with 500-thread-count cotton duvets and pillows. Get your sleep mask ready because you will have the best night sleep.

Large Office

When you need to work, this first-class airline offers a private working area so you can concentrate on all important business tasks. You can keep all your devices charge with in-seat outlets and USB ports.

Fine Dining

cathay pacific cabin

Cathay Pacific

Once you start feeling hungry, you can enjoy in-flight meals at whatever time that works best for you. When you are starting to feel hungry, place your order with the cabin crew. Enjoy fresh food ranging from breakfast to dinner.

Cathay partners with Michelin-starred chefs from the top restaurants around the world to create a first-class menu. To top off your meal, they have renowned wines, desserts, cheeses, and coffees all at the touch of a button.

Price: 10,000+

3.) Qatar Airways

qatar airways

Qatar Airways

On Qatar Airways, first-class fliers are served a ten-course meal featuring lobster, caviar and Arabic mezzas—platters of Middle Eastern delicacies, such as falafels, hummus, and salads. Nibble on fine chocolates for dessert, and wash them down with champagne or fine wine while watching your TV.

Qatar Airways won second place in the best airline category of the 2013 World Airline Awards.

Your Home in the Sky

qatar airways bed

Qatar Airways

Once you settle in your seat, start enjoying your first class seating perks right away. The first class is spacious, and it is designed to refresh you and make you feel comfortable the entire flight. You will have ample storage options to put your carry-on luggage.

If you are feeling tired, your seat turns into a bed. With assistance from the cabin crew, you will be on cloud nine when you lay on the bed with a Frette linen and duvet.

The Best Food on Board

Instead of waiting for dinner to be provided for you, have the best culinary experience right on board! The dining experience revolves around you and when you want to eat and what you currently want to enjoy. Some of the best chefs in the world create the food, and they are exclusive to Qatar Airways.

Work or Play

qatar airways movies

Qatar Airways

If you need to get work done when you are on the flight, your seat can be transformed into a workspace that will feel better than any office. There are laptop chargers, USB plugs, and in-flight WiFi.

But if you want to enjoy mindless TV or catch up on current events, choose from over 4,000 entertainment options that are right at your fingertips.

Price: $5,000-$10,000

2.) Emirates

emirates first class


The World Airline Awards — which Skytrax, a research firm, determines by surveying more than 18 million airline passengers — chose Emirates as the 2013 winner of the best airline. Emirates also won for best in-flight entertainment.

In 2019, TripAdvisor also named Emirates the World’s Best First Class. Several factors went into this award: the privacy, the room service, the virtual windows, and the seating.

Its shiny new planes offer showers and an onboard lounge for socializing with other first-class passengers. Of course, if you crave privacy, you can retreat to your private suite, which has a wardrobe, mini-bar, and vanity table. Here you’ll eat stir-fried lobster or glazed duck on fine china, then sleep on a fully reclining bed.

If you are a frequent traveler, this might be the best option for you!

Personal Dining Service

emirates drinks

Owen. S / Rory. S

Whether that be a fine dining experience or delicious midnight, the cabin crew will make you your favorite meal. Enjoy a gourmet meal that will leave your mouth watering for more.

A Luxury Room in the Sky

emirates bed

Reuters/ Kai Pfaffenbach

Instead of sharing your row with strangers, enjoy a closed-off suite all to yourself. You can set the mood by changing the lighting, or adjusting the temperature to your liking. In your private area, you have the option to sleep, eat, and watch the entertainment system that is provided to you.

There is also in-flight WiFi that will help you stay connected to the rest of the world.

Pamper Yourself

Right before leaving the flight or going to sleep, refresh yourself with products that are provided by Emirates. There is a semi-private bathroom that you share with other first-class flyers. There are showers and amenities like shampoo, body wash, fragrance, eye cream, makeup, and facial mist.

Price: $15,000-$19,000

1.) Etihad Airways

etihad airways first class

Etihad Airways

The World Travel Awards began choosing the world’s leading airline for first class in 1993. Since 2008, Etihad Airways has been the champ every year.

The Middle Eastern airline recruits chefs from some of the world’s leading restaurants. Press a button, and your seat—all 6 feet, 8 inches of it—is flat.

Want privacy? Your suite comes with a sliding door. Recline on your silk and cotton duvet, dressed in Etihad loungewear, and raid your minibar in peace.

Apartment-Style Living

etihad apartment

Etihad Airways

With a limited amount of apartments (first class suites) available on each flight, you will be blown away by the amenities that are provided to you. In each apartment, there is a wide armchair and couch that turns into a large bed. There is enough room to spread out your carry-on essentials on each flight.

Ethiad also exceeds when it provides bedding accommodations because each apartment has a blanket, full linen, and duvet set. Each apartment comes to a full-length mirror which allows you to get ready quick and easy.

Private Shower

etihad airways shower

Etihad Airways

Etihad has two showers in front of the cabin. The cabin crew will assist you in scheduling a shower appointment when you get settled into your flight early.

They make sure that all apartment passengers each get a turn.

Necessary Entertainment

In your apartment, amenities in compartments that are easy to find and useful. You can watch movies while you surf the internet to catch up on work, school, or entertainment.

Price: $20,000+

If you want to feel comfortable for your next flight, consider one of these best airlines to fly first class. Click the next button to see how you can travel cheap in 2019.