Top 5 Longest Tunnels in the U.S.

4.) The Ted Williams Tunnel

longest tunnels in us traffic empty 3 lane tunnel

National Geographic

The first major hookup in Boston’s notorious “Big Dig,” the Ted Williams Tunnel connects South Boston with East Boston and Logan Airport. One of three tunnels under the Boston Harbor, it is the end point of the I-90 Massachusetts Turnpike.

Portal to portal, it spans 8,500 feet, making it one of the longest tunnels in the world. The Ted Williams Tunnel was opened in 1995, with Boston Red Sox legend Ted Williams present at the opening ceremony. The tunnel is said to be used by about 98,000 motorists every day.

The project was fraught with controversy from its beginning in 1991. After several catastrophes, tragedy struck in 2006 when the roof of the Fort Point Channel leading to the Ted Williams Tunnel collapsed on a couple, with the wife not surviving the crash. The collapse was said to be a result of the failure of adhesives that held the drop ceiling that was connected to the main ceiling of the tunnel.

The final price tag of the tunnel was said to be around $1.3 billion, with the toll fare for the tunnel falling between $0.20 to $2.60.