How Vacation Home Rentals Stack Up vs Hotels

Ten years ago the debate between home rental vs hotel didn’t exist. Sporadically vacation home rentals existed, but finding them was labor intensive. Travelers would book name brand hotel rooms because it was easier and more well known. Since the creation of social sharing platforms like Airbnb, VRBO and FlipKey, vacation travelers now have millions of new options to choose from. Now short-term visits can be booked in real homes, apartments, condos, fifth wheels and more.

What is a vacation home? A vacation home is an individual property being offered for rent at a nightly rate instead of a monthly long-term rate. Short-term vacation properties are as diverse as the owners who offer them for rent. Rooms, huts, tree houses, theme homes, igloos, tents and more are offered for rent on social sharing platforms. You can visit 190 countries by renting space through Airbnb. You can find the destination for your next getaway by visiting Airbnb today.