15 Anthony Bourdain Quotes That Will Inspire Us Forever

Anthony Bourdain, the man who brought the world to our tables, passed away on June 8, leaving television viewers and fans of his book in shock and at a loss for words. Bourdain changed our lives for the best, and some of his quotes will remain in our memory forever.

Bourdain’s legacy went beyond American kitchens. After kickstarting his career as a widely acclaimed chef, he quickly started exploring other paths in life and taking us with him through his TV shows and books. He was a journalist, a food expert and a social activist with a perceptive mind and unmatchable wit. Traveling all around the world, he brought us a series of eye-opening TV shows that touched the souls, and palates, of millions of viewers.

Bourdain was a gifted storyteller with an exceptional work ethic and an aggressively truthful voice. From A Cook’s Tour to Parts Unknown, he was a master of his crafts. There was only one person who could successfully create a gastronomy show all while shedding the light on sensitive issues in marginalized populations and restaurants, and it was Anthony Bourdain.

He was also a leading male voice in the #MeToo movement, condemning the acts of sexual abuse in both Hollywood and the culinary world. The sad death of Anthony Bourdain, attributed to suicide, continued the current massive national debate about mental illnesses in America. People have come forward with their stories, and awareness campaigns have been launched and shared, encouraging anyone struggling with depression to reach out.

Today, Bourdain is still inspiring us from beyond. In remembrance of his ingenuity and genuine love for humans and cuisine, here are Bourdain quotes that speak to us on a spiritual level.

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