Top 5 Reasons You Should Lock Your Luggage for Travel

You are looking forward to the epic trip you’ve been planning for months now. When all is packed, zipped, and prepared, you find yourself thinking: “Should I lock my luggage when flying? Or is it better to leave it unlocked to go through security without a delay?” Our answer is simple and definite: always lock…

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Top 5 Packing Hacks for Business Travelers

packing hacks for business travelers

Even seasoned travelers could make their packing habits a bit more efficient. Even in the rush of packing for last-minute business trips, a few packing hacks for business travelers can make life easier. Whether it’s about the clothes and items they bring in or their travel habits, here are some much-needed tips to make their…

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Top 5 Tips for Getting Ridiculously Cheap Flights

Cheap Flights Featured Image

Booking airfare can be an expensive part of your vacation. While we all love a great getaway, most of us love saving money even more. So why not do both by getting cheap flights? Even if booking a flight is a necessary part of your travel plans, you can follow the five tips below to…

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35 Tips and Tricks to Learn How To Beat Jet Lag Effectively

how to beat jet lag picka good airline

Whether you are a seasoned business traveler or a first-time adventurer, you might have wondered how to beat jet lag once and for all. While curing the jet lag on the spot is far-fetched, there are luckily several proven tips that expert travelers, frequent flyers, pilots and stewards use to speed up the process. To…

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Is Travel Good For Your Health? Science Says Yes!

travel good for your health

Will doctors start prescribing travel as the cure to illnesses? We certainly wouldn’t miss that for anything in the world. However, it’s not that far-fetched of a scenario. It turns out that travel is good for your health in ways you might not expect. How is travel good for your health, you ask? Science has…

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Top 10 Ghost Towns in The World

There is something eerie and disheartening, and yet fascinating, about ghost towns. Some of them are a deafening reminder that one’s destiny can change in the blink of an eye. Some of them prove that nature still has the upper-hand on our lives. Whether these ghost towns housed big or small communities, whether they existed…

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The World’s Most Impressive Castles Will Leave You Speechless

Many of us have wonder what our lives would be like if we swapped our houses for massive castles. More pantry space? Long walks in lush gardens? Large and dream-like kitchen (or kitchens!)? Countless selfies with the intricately carved walls? Okay, now imagine living not just in any castle, but in one of the most…

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What To Do When These 20 Travel Nightmares Happen

travel nightmares

Lost credit card? Car accident? Sudden injury? Canceled flight? Even seasoned travelers have their fair share of travel nightmares! Being abroad in a totally new culture that possibly doesn’t speak your language can come with its share of challenges. The good news? A bit of preparation and presence of mind can go a long way,…

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15 Anthony Bourdain Quotes That Will Inspire Us Forever

Anthony Bourdain, the man who brought the world to our tables, passed away on June 8, leaving television viewers and fans of his book in shock and at a loss for words. Bourdain changed our lives for the best, and some of his quotes will remain in our memory forever. Bourdain’s legacy went beyond American…

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Here Are The Best Free Tokyo Photography Spots To Snap Dazzling Pics

tokyo photography spots

Tokyo is one of the only places in the world that gracefully blend the traditional and the ultramodern, offering its visitors dazzling Tokyo photography spots. From its neon-lit streetscapes to its lush green gardens and beautiful shrines, Tokyo photography spots never cease to provide amazing opportunities to take breathtaking pictures and cultivate photography skills of both…

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5 Jaw-Dropping Cathedrals And Churches In Paris Worth a Visit

Can you guess how many churches and cathedrals there are in Paris? If you said 200, then you must be either really good at guessing or an extremely knowledgeable person! Paris churches and cathedrals seem to be present on the corner of every street and are undeniably some of the most stunning in the world.…

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