5 Breathtaking Hikes in Exotic Locations Worldwide

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Prepare to be captivated by a collection of extraordinary destination hikes that will ignite your wanderlust! Experience remarkably uncommon and peculiar trails, and embark on enchanting adventures in uncharted territories. These top 5 exotic hiking spots are perfect for novice explorers and seasoned mountaineers. While this compilation is not exhaustive, it showcases exceptional locations with a distinct and extraordinary charm. Join us on these meticulously curated escapades nestled within breathtaking destinations. Get ready for unforgettable hiking experiences that will leave you in awe!

Without further ado, we present you the top 5 breathtaking hikes:

5. Mount Batur, Indonesia

Destination hikes Mount Batur, Indonesia

Level: Intermediate (Loose rocks and slippery sections. Adequate footwear must be worn.)

Cost: $$ (Driver/guide fees)

What to expect: 

Nestled in the less touristy northern part of Bali, Mount Batur sits at an elevation of 1717 meters above sea level, offering a unique experience. To join the hike, it’s necessary to book a designated tour. Get ready for an early start—the hotel pick up usually begins as early as 1:30am! Upon reaching the base, hikers are greeted with locally sourced Balinese coffee and a banana snack to boost energy. Despite the initial crowd, the adventure is well-organized, with experienced guides accompanying each group for safety and personalized service. Their expertise becomes apparent as darkness blankets the trail. Skilled conquerors of the climb, they master the rocky sections, making their guidance invaluable. It’s highly advisable to follow their lead.

As you ascend to the summit, the starry sky illuminates the path, offering glimpses of surrounding coffee plantations and picturesque views. A moment of tranquility awaits at a prayer point, providing insight into Bali’s spiritual culture, before the steep climb. The trail of hikers, marked by flickering torches, enhances the mesmerizing scenery.


The final segment presents the greatest challenge, with a noticeable temperature drop. So, packing warm clothing is important. While the prices for hot drinks at the summit may seem high, the experience is simply irresistible. Savor a hot beverage while witnessing the sun’s ascent over the mist-shrouded volcano. The steam-cooked breakfast consists of a simple white bread and banana sandwich with a boiled egg. However, the stunning views of the crater and Lake Batur transform it into a delightful experience. Enjoy it swiftly before mischievous monkeys attempt to snatch it away!

What makes it exotic:

Famed for its spirituality and rugged allure, Bali never fails to captivate. Embarking on this hike is no exception, as you journey upward to a sacred Balinese site, beholding awe-inspiring vistas of the Batur caldera — one of the world’s most remarkable vistas. In the initial stretch, darkness envelops you, heightening the sense of ascent and adding an air of mystery. Step by step, you humbly embrace the present moment, attuned solely to the weight of your backpack and the mindfulness guiding your every move.

Pro tip: 

This destination hike experience will be more enjoyable if you manage to join other hikers at the same level. This will ensure you don’t have to wait for slower hikers or rush with faster hikers.

How to get there: 

Book a guided tour from a local operator where you can negotiate lower prices than ones set by big internet companies. Tour operators will pick up from all main areas of the island and lead you through the entire hike. You will also be supporting local Balinese people/villagers who make their main income through the tourism industry.

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4. Frenchman Peak Trail, Australia

exotic-hikes-Frenchman Peak Trail

Level: Advanced (Steep sections of flat rock with little to hold on to.)

Cost: $ (National Park entry/camping fees)

What to expect:

Frenchman Peak, an impressive 262-meter granite peak in Cape Le Grand National Park, Esperance, Western Australia, exemplifies the power of erosion and earth movements. When embarking on the 3-kilometer trail, you will encounter a challenging ascent due to its steep incline. Overlooked by many tourists seeking breathtaking hikes in Australia, this hidden gem, Frenchman Peak, offers postcard-perfect vistas. Accessible by rented van, this captivating peak rewards visitors with breathtaking panoramas and stargazing opportunities at dispersed campgrounds. Cape Le Grand National Park truly captures the essence of the Australian landscape, boasting turquoise waters, white sands, lush greenery, and kangaroos. As you marvel at nature’s beauty, Frenchman Peak serves as the perfect vantage point, despite its daring climb along an unprotected cliff face. This remarkable experience provides two viewpoints, a lower perch, and the grand summit, each offering a captivating experience. Reaching the summit grants you a breathtaking 360-degree panorama, making it an achievement like no other.

What makes it exotic:

The perfect mesh between blue and green landscapes, wild kangaroos on the beach, free climbing and plenty of adrenaline. This is what Down Under is all about!

Pro tip: 

Australia is famous for its inconsistent wi-fi and the same applies at Cape Le Grand National Park. Interestingly though, as you reach the lookouts of Frenchman Peak you will have plenty of reception. There you can post all your Instagram photos and stories of destination hikes while enjoying the view.

How to get there:

Self drive is best. After driving 8 hours south of Perth, drive a further 50 kilometres East of the nearest town Esperance and follow the highway to Cape Le Grand National Park.

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3. Petra, Jordan

Destination hikes Petra, Jordan

@the.travelling.mermaid / Instagram

Level: All levels (Multiple hikes are contained within the city.)

Cost: $$$$$ (Driver fees or transport/Entry ticket)

What to expect:

Petra offers an ultimate destination hikes experience with its hidden pathways waiting to be explored. Climbing every stairway and lookout requires more than a day. Additionally, you can admire incredible stone colors away from the main pathway. However, it is crucial to remain cautious of local scammers who may offer unnecessary guidance. To discourage cruelty and child labor, refrain from riding animals or purchasing souvenirs from children. This entire city, carved into stone, creates a surreal experience with its intense color shades. And don’t forget to bring your camera! Moreover, make sure to stay well hydrated in the intense desert heat or purchase water from shops inside.

What makes it exotic:

Petra was originally a trading place between Middle Eastern lands. There is so much history embedded within the carved stone walls of this city. It’s also a challenge to count how many tones of color naturally occur in these stones.

Pro Tip: 

Studying the map of Petra carefully before you arrive will give you a better chance of seeing more of the city. There are multiple areas to explore and travelers often run out of time, distracted by the beauty of each section covered.

How to get there:

Public transport will take you to Petra on a bus from the capital city Amman, which is generally the cheapest option. Visitors pressed for time or who want a more flexible experience can hire tour guides or private drivers. The entry fee is quite expensive, so be sure to spend the whole day there.

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2. Machu Picchu, Peru

Destination hikes Machu Picchu, Peru

Jeremiah Berman / Unsplash

Level: Advanced (Several days of hiking. Extreme weather. Slippery and steep sections.)

Cost: $$$$$ (Package tour)

What to expect:

Located 2430 meters above sea level near Cuzco in Peru, Machu Picchu is the iconic Lost City of the Incas. It ranks among the most famous destination hikes in the world, making it a must for any avid hiker. Taking on the traditional 4-day trail not only offers a remarkable physical and mental achievement but also exposes you to extreme weather conditions. The slippery stone steps become treacherous when rain pours, adding an extra layer of challenge. Despite the difficulties, the journey rewards you with breathtaking scenery, diverse foliage, and encounters with wild llamas. Finally reaching Machu Picchu itself after the demanding climb triggers mixed feelings, especially for those arriving by train.

What makes it exotic:

No hiking list is complete without the Lost City of the Incas. There is a mystique about the place, from the start of the hike until the finish. Excitement peaks when you finally reach the Sun Gate and get to walk through the structures. There is no feeling quite like achieving Machu Picchu, it really does live up to its hype. The fact that no one really knows how/why exactly the city was built makes it a special place. You will be astonished at the resourcefulness of humans and at how there is so much we still don’t know about our ancestors.

Pro Tip: 

It is impossible to guess the weather, but it is best to avoid rainy season. The temperatures drop significantly, sections become more slippery and you may get a cloud obstructed view of the famous Sun Gate.

How to get there:

The nearest city is Cuzco. The best and safest way is to join an organized tour; there is a large number of providers to choose from. You will be supporting the local community by providing jobs to the porters that are employed to carry bags and make delicious meals in the setup mountain camps. Book well in advance, as the Inca Trail tours are likely to sell out before your arrival date.

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5. Chefchaouen, Morocco

Destination hikes Chefchaouen, Morocco

@the.travelling.mermaid / Instagram

Level: Beginner (A leisurely walk up many hills and stairs.)

Cost: $ (Public bus fare)

What to Expect:

Experience an unconventional destination hike in Chefchaouen, where a hike through the entire city awaits nestled in a mountainous zone. As you wander through maze-like blue alleyways, adorned with beautifully painted doors, you’ll capture the essence of this vibrant place. From colorful doors to charming restaurants and souvenir shops, every corner offers something new and alluring. Take your time and allow yourself a couple of days to leisurely explore, discovering hidden gems with each step. You’ll undoubtedly fall in love with this captivating city as you sip sweet Moroccan tea, mingle with street cats, and strike a pose for memorable photos. Get ready to be utterly captivated by the enchanting allure of Chefchaouen!

What makes it exotic:

This mountainous city certainly delivers. While wandering through Chefchaouen, you are going to be in awe of the blue alleyways and staircases. It is a surreal experience which truly gives meaning to the popular quote: not all those who wander are lost. Prepare for an enjoyable maze of discovery and sensory pleasures in the most colorful of breathtaking hikes.

Gear Up for the Hike at BackCountry.com

Pro Tip: 

Stay at one of the many traditional “riad” guest houses within the Medina for an authentic Moroccan experience. Once in the Blue City, it is essential to get up early to take photos while the town is sleeping and the sunlight is low. You will then have uninterrupted access to the best attractions and the lighting will be more favorable to capture the many shades of blue.

How to get there:

The cheapest way is to catch a train to the city of Fez and from there a bus to Chefchaouen. From the bus it is a 4 hour journey with views of the countryside not to be missed – so be sure to get a window seat!


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