When In Rome, Don’t Pass Up These Five Attractions

rome attractions

Rome is one of the best cities in the world. The history, the architecture, the people, the food… everything is magical. It’s the type of city you want to get lost in, so you might spend hours meandering down windy cobblestone streets, popping into churches, and stumbling upon the best gelato you’ve ever had in…

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Safe Travels! 5 Survival Tips for Your Trek Through India

bhangarh rajasthan india ghost towns

India is a glorious explosion of colors, sounds, smells, spices, and experiences. Its myriad of sights and sounds has been enchanting travelers for centuries. It is the ultimate travel plunge. It is not just a destination — it is a journey in itself. If you’re traveling to this fascinating country for the first time, you…

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Top 10 Best Solo Travel Destinations

top solo travel destinations

A lot of people miss out on traveling because their partner, spouse, or close friend doesn’t want to do it. Instead of going alone, they pass it up. You don’t have to do that. Why hold yourself a prisoner to someone else’s preferences? If your family or friends don’t want to travel with you, and…

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Travel Safely: 5 Ways to Stay Safe on Your European Vacation

European Vacation Safety

It’s always better to be safe than sorry, right? The last thing you’d want to happen to you on a long-anticipated vacation is to deal with lost or stolen items. Statistically, European countries tend to have lower violent crime rates than the USA. However, areas frequented by millions of tourists every year do show high…

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Five Things You Have to See If You’re In London

london travel guide

As a traveler, approaching London can be a daunting prospect. There are so many iconic buildings, landmarks and sights to be seen. The city is constantly changing but is still rich in historic culture. Although you will be spoilt for great things to do in London, here are 5 London attractions that you just should…

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Beyond Times Square: 5 Offbeat Attractions in NYC

Coney Island Wonder Wheel

Welcome to New York City! You’ve already seen the top 5 NYC attractions. You’ve done Times Square and the Statue of Liberty, walked up 5th Avenue, popped into the Met (and perhaps the Guggenheim and the Whitney or one the other top NYC museums), walked the Highline, and maybe even grabbed a slice at Bleecker…

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