25 Best Caribbean Resorts

best caribbean resorts

Every now and then, you might get an urge to be where the waves and the sand meet. Sure you can head to Europe and check out some of the amazing Mediterranean resorts, but why bother with the jet lag when you can hop on a plane and be at one of the best Caribbean…

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5 Simple Steps to Pack a Suitcase Like a Pro Traveler

how to pack a suitcase

Do you know how to pack a suitcase? If you’re a frequent traveler, chances are you’re a wiz when it comes to packing. Going away for the weekend? A simple duffle bag should suffice. Taking a one week trip? You should be able to squeeze everything into a carry on luggage. It’s when travelers go…

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Best Travel Gift Guide for Frequent Travelers

We all have people that are “impossible to shop for.” They either have everything, don’t want anything or both. Which leads to the ultimate question: what do you get the person who has everything and doesn’t want anything? Well, if they’re a frequent traveler (or just a travel lover), our Travel Gift Guide has you…

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Top 5 Spots for Diving in Thailand

diving in Thailand

People go to Thailand for many reasons: some for Bangkok’s Michelin-starred restaurants, others for the affordable quality of life the islands offer, and others for a bit of adventure. If you’re in the latter category, check out diving in Thailand. With the country’s turquoise blue waters and more than 1,200 miles of shoreline, it’s the…

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Set Sail for Summer Fun on These Top Caribbean Cruises

If you’ve never been on a cruise before, you’re missing out. They’re perfect for every type of traveler: those who just want to unwind by the pool and read a book, those who seek adventure, and those who want to explore as much as possible. With so many to choose from, it can be hard…

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Summer Vacay: Top 5 Best American Lakes

Summer is finally upon us, which means one thing: it’s vacay time. While European beach getaways are always magical, they’re expensive, involve long flights, passports, and a lot of planning. If you’re looking for an easy getaway, check out the best American lakes. There are approximately 125,000 lakes in the U.S., so, even if there’s…

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Crash Course in Japanese Culture: What NOT to Do in Japan

Japan is a spectacular country, with many experiences unique to Japan, and Japanese culture is just as fascinating. There are a plethora of must-see sites in Japan, must-eat foods, and must-shop boutiques. It’s important to plan out your trip well in advance so you have enough time to do and see everything you need.  The…

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Top 15 Magical Treehouses Around The World You Can Rent

If you’re looking to book a summer vacation that’s a little bit different, consider staying in a treehouse:  it’s more unique than a resort or hotel, it’s not quite as close to nature as camping, and it will give you an unforgettable experience. Treehouses are the ultimate “glamping” experience. From the vineyards of Italy to…

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What Not To Do In NYC To Avoid Pissing Off The Locals

New Yorkers aren’t rude; they’re efficient. They’re always on the go, they walk with purpose and they hate tourists. Why? Because tourists slow New Yorkers down. They aren’t a part of the New York pack and they don’t understand the ways of the “New Yorkquaise” tribe. Which is why they think New Yorkers are rude.…

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