Top 15 Amazing Facts About The Titanic

facts about the Titanic

Ever since the RMS Titanic sank on its maiden voyage in 1912, people around the world have been fascinated by this disaster. More than half the ship’s 2,223 passengers died on what people considered a practically unsinkable vessel. Facts about the Titanic have become important because some people seem to get a lot wrong about…

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5 Most Expensive Cruise Ships

most expensive cruise ships disney fantasy

Expensive cruise ships come in two main categories: those that cost a lot to build because they’re gargantuan, and jewel-bespangled boats of a more intimate size. Giant and deluxe cruise ships perfectly serve many population segments, such as people who get bored easily, jaded travelers who have been absolutely everywhere so now choose their trips…

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5 Vacation Discounts That Are Often Overlooked

woman sipping out of travel mug

You might lack the funds for your dream vacation, but resourceful travelers can still find discounts that allow them to go somewhere. Hunting for bargains takes persistence, time, ingenuity and sometimes luck. Get an edge by uncovering the top five overlooked discounts.

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The 5 Largest Coral Reefs in the World

If you’ve ever snorkeled near a reef, you understand that these underwater structures are part of a sensitive ecosystem. Coral reefs provide food, shelter and breeding grounds for fish and marine invertebrates. The reefs constantly change; new polyps grow on the reef’s surface, while animals and storms grind the oldest parts into sand. Even the…

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Top 5 Mysterious World Landmarks

If you were a sentient being during the early 1970s, you couldn’t miss “Chariots of the Gods” by Erich von Daniken, in either book or movie form. This documentary intrigued a whole generation, spurring the most adventurous to brave long, cramped flights, unfamiliar bacteria and temperature extremes to see the world’s most mysterious places for…

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