Dental Hygiene Travel Tips for Your Next Adventure

With the invention of the airplane and the improvements on commercial flights, there are more people than ever traveling to different parts of the world. According to the Federal Aviation Administration, almost 2.6 million people fly in and out of airports in the United States every day. Some people travel a lot for fun. However, there are others who are always on the go because of their profession.

While more and more people are more mindful about maintaining a healthy lifestyle, things get more difficult once you start traveling. For some, it’s time to put #cheatday into effect. Sure, this kind of mindset is usually meant for food, but it can also come into play with some of our routine activities. There are many instances when connecting flights can stop you from taking care of some of the things you normally do when you’re at home.

For instance, if you’ve been traveling for 24 hours, you might have to pass on showering during that time. That’s not because you don’t want to. Sometimes there are just no facilities at the airport that can let you do that. And if you think those cleansing wipes work? They can really only help mask things, not thoroughly clean you. So if showering is something that one can pass on, there’s a good chance that oral health can fall to the wayside, too. Although some of you reading this might be wondering how anyone could miss brushing their teeth when they’re on the go, it can happen. But don’t worry; we are here to help you out.


In this article, we will be looking at what you can do to maintain good dental hygiene while you travel: