Dental Hygiene Travel Tips for Your Next Adventure

dental hygiene travel toothbrush

With the invention of the airplane and the improvements on commercial flights, there are more people than ever traveling to different parts of the world. According to the Federal Aviation Administration, almost 2.6 million people fly in and out of airports in the United States every day. Some people travel a lot for fun. However,…

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Discover the Beauty: A Guide to Philippines Island Hopping

Philippines Island Hopping Vacation

More than 7,000 islands make up the Philippines. And while still considered small in size compared to other countries in Asia, the country’s beautiful beaches have attracted both tourists and locals from the country’s major cities to summer vacation there. TV Shows like The Amazing Race and Survivor have also filmed episodes on some of…

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10 Best Pub Crawls Around The World

If you enjoy going to happy hour, taking advantage of open bars and always up for a nightcap, then it’s pretty likely that pub crawls are also up your alley. But wait, what is a pub crawl exactly? A pub or bar crawl is, according to Project DC Events, “a drinking session that moves from…

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10 New York Museums That Show More Than Classic Art

The Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Museum of Modern Art are home to many of the world’s masterpieces. But even though you can find a great Monet or Jackson Pollock at these two institutions, there are many other New York museums around the city for you to explore. If you go to the Chelsea…

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10 Places To Get the Perfect Flat White In New York City

Coffee means different things to do different people. Some think it’s a dark hot cup that keeps you up all day. Others have embraced it as a culinary art. And depending on what country you’re in, you can get anything from the quick and easy filtered stuff or something “a little fancier.” But one coffee…

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Going Green: Top 5 American Cities To Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day brings together people — Irish and honorary ones — together to commemorate the fifth-century patron saint of Ireland. And while it’s meant to honor a religious and cultural figure, it seems most people celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by drinking way too much green beer during the day and partying well into the…

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Top 5 Olympic Villages That Are Open To The Public

Olympic villages

After all the effort cities put into creating the best environment for the Olympics, what happens once the games are over? After many years of creating massive arenas and building pristine Olympic villages, do cities still keep these places in use? When you search cities like Sarajevo, Athens or, more recently, Rio, you will find…

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