Top 5 Unforgettable US East Coast Road Trip Destinations

1.) US Route 1

East Coast road trip US Route 1

Lance Asper / Unsplash

Take a road trip along the 2,376-mile stretch of this highway and you’ll be able to cross many must-visits off your bucket list. Connecting Fort Kent, Maine and Key West, Fla., US Route 1 offers a laidback way to island-hop and give your tan a much-needed upgrade.

If you like it quirky, then there is no better way to roll down the Eastern Seaboard. US 1 includes some of the country’s loveliest seaside routes, opportunities to enjoy fresh-caught seafood, old-school roadside attractions and unspoiled state and national parks.

Don’t miss out on having breakfast in one of New Jersey’s classic dinners (the state boasts the most diners in the world). You’ll have many opportunities to exceed your daily caloric need along the way.

But no worries, you’ll get the chance to work it off kayaking, surfing or dancing salsa once you reach Florida and Miami’s Little Havana neighborhood. And if you’re already making a pit-stop, you might as well visit the legendary Versailles Restaurant, order a café con leche and a plate of ropa vieja accompanied by platanos maduros.

Get ready to embrace the laid-back lifestyle of Key West at the end of this East Coast road trip — and don’t forget to pack your bathing suit.

Don’t forget to take a map as well. In some remote mountain areas, you’ll very likely find yourself without cellphone reception, meaning no access to Google Maps. So come prepared.

But don’t be afraid to leave the beaten track behind sometimes, because often you’ll find surprising things by getting a little lost or taking a wrong turn.