European Commission To Wait Another Year Before Enforcing The ETIAS Registration Fee

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If you’re a frequent reader of our website, you might remember us referencing that the European Commission decided to start a brand new program called the European Travel Information and Authorisation System or ETIAS. This system is supposed to enhance security measures that would prevent anyone with high-end criminal records from entering the country, even if they have a legal passport.

The concept made a lot of sense in theory, and most seemed to be on board throughout Europe. Yet now the EC has decided to delay enforcing the ETIAS until 2024.

This is not the first time the ETIAS was halted or put on hold. The idea has been in play for several years, even dating back to 2021. It was then delayed until November 2023. Now, the European Commission has yet again delayed enforcing it until the start of 2024. The Commission wrote on the ETIAS website recently about the delay, claiming it would be “operational in 2024.”

We’re assuming they mean the start of 2024, but you clearly never know with the EC based on what we’ve seen as of late.


Why The European Commission Delayed Things

ETIAS Program

[Image via The European Union]

Most feel the reason the European Commission delayed enforcing the ETIAS requirement had to do with the fee. However, the fee to sign up is only around $7.50 and only applies to people aged 18 to 70. On top of that, this will last for three years. Therefore, the deal the EC offered for this is pretty affordable and not at all difficult financially for foreigners.

The reasoning is likely not even how one has to apply.

Rather, the simple reason in it all seems to be the lack of knowledge. While those in the travel world or those who read a lot of travel news (thank you for that) might know about this, it is unlikely most planning to travel to Europe will know. In fact, most might not even find out about it until the time they decide to plan their trip. The European Commission has done a poor job of advertising the ETIAS system.

In fact, it is possible that you the reader have no idea about what this is or how it even works. Even if you’re a travel nut you might not know much about it. Therefore, it is possible that the EC is planning on promoting the ETIAS registration system quite a lot throughout the year. By early 2024, it would be a well-known concept that we’d all know about.

This will be important for people to know, as it will affect travel to at least 27 European countries as they are part of the European Union. Funny enough, due to the Brexit situation, those from the United Kingdom will also have to sign up for the ETIAS registration system if they want to go to any nation currently part of the EU too.