10 Places To Get the Perfect Flat White In New York City

Coffee means different things to do different people. Some think it’s a dark hot cup that keeps you up all day. Others have embraced it as a culinary art. And depending on what country you’re in, you can get anything from the quick and easy filtered stuff or something “a little fancier.” But one coffee drink that’s been gaining popularity, especially in the United States, has been the flat white.

The hot beverage is made of espresso as well as milk steamed into a microfoam. Because of the ingredients, the flat white has been confused for a cortado or a smaller latte. The video below explains the drink a little bit more.

Although there’s still a debate about the drink’s origin, some have viewed it as an Australian beverage. And if you’ve ever been Down Under, you’ll quickly learn that Aussies take their coffee seriously. They are more likely to get their java from a local café than a chain like Starbucks. And if you were to become a barista in Melbourne, you will need to go through a training course and get a certificate in order to work. Yes, there are actually classes that teach you how to make latte art the right way.

Despite the fact Australia is pretty far from New York City, more and more Aussie coffee shops have been popping up in New York City. Not only are they serving up their best flat white, but they’re also bringing their coffee culture philosophies to the Big Apple. Bluestone Lane was the café that not only put Aussie-style coffee on the map but also has been successful enough to open various locations throughout New York, California, Pennsylvania and Washington, D.C. Since Bluestone Lane’s success more Australian cafés have popped up around New York City.

If you’ve been Down Under and miss sipping on a flat white or just long for grabbing brekkie at an Australian spot, you’ll find out our favorite cafés for those cravings below.