How to Avoid Theft While Traveling

2.) Keep Personal Items and Important Documents Safe

keep person items and important documents safe

Robert Asento/ Shutterstock

When you travel, you bring a lot of identification and money. Take steps to protect these items.

Store Important Documents and Personal Items in a Safe

You should keep your important documents, such as travel insurance policies and ID, in a secure place.

Many hotels have a safe in your room that you can use for free or for a small charge. If your hotel room comes with a safe, use it to store your cash, credit cards, important documents, and ID. If you carry these items with you during the day, you could lose them. Keeping them in safe ensures that they are secure and not at risk.

Keep Photocopies of Your Passport or ID

When it comes to carrying important documents with you, make a copy. You can take the copies away with you when you travel and give the original to a friend or family member to look after.

Also, make a backup copy of the original. It will then be easier for you to obtain a new one if the original is lost or stolen.

Don’t Carry All of Your Money With You

The best way to avoid the theft of your money while traveling is to keep it separated when you are out and about for the day. Never keep all your money together in one place. If any of it is stolen, you’ll have another stash of cash to tide you over for the rest of your trip.

Top Tip: Separate your money. Keep some cash in your safe, others in a secure wallet, and some in an inside jacket pocket or even a sock or shore.