Finest Madrid Cafés: Our Freshly Brewed Selections

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Madrid, the vibrant capital of Spain, buzzes with life. Moreover, it offers a variety of bars and restaurants at every corner. Being the second-most visited country, Spain charms people worldwide with its effortless beauty. Additionally, Madrid, a mix of modern and historic culture, allures tourists year after year with its museums, tapas, tours, outdoor terraces, and art galleries. Needless to say, the quintessential Madrid cafés add to the city’s charm.

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Known for its authentic Spanish cuisine, endless flow of Spanish wines, and burgeoning specialty coffee scene, Madrid has become a hot spot for both locals and visiting coffee enthusiasts. This recent trend is a departure from the once-traditional cafes that dominated the city. While a typical cafe con leche or cafe solo sufficed, the Madrid’s cafés scene now offers a coffee lover’s dream. Devoted coffee enthusiasts have created a dynamic takeover, resulting in a selection of the top 5 must-visit cafes in Madrid.

Toma Cafe

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Toma Cafe, located in Malasana, is an impressive spot loved by the Madrid community. With their slogan “Warriors Love Coffee,” they are known for their coffee expertise and seasonal brews. Popular among locals and visitors, this urban-style cafe offers a laid-back ambiance and workshops ranging from barista basics to latte art. Recently, Toma opened a new location in Plaza Olavide, ensuring more of their unique experience for all coffee lovers.

Address: 49, Calle de la Palma, 28004

Monkee Koffee


Monkee Coffee

Step into this most trendy of the Madrid’s cafés and instantly immerse yourself in its retro-style ambiance. It exudes the vibrant vibes of Brooklyn, attracting writers, freelancers, and artists seeking a flavorful cup of joe. With laptops and notepads in hand, they conquer their day’s work in this spacious hangout.

Monkee Koffee prides itself on its passion for excellent coffee, keeping customers coming back for more. Here, you’ll find a delightful array of freshly made pastries and a diverse selection of teas. Whether you want a quick brew or a leisurely time with friends, this cafe offers a warm and inclusive experience for all.

Address: 112, Calle de Vallehermoso, 28003

La Bicicleta Cafe

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To enter La Bicicleta, one of Madrid’s cafés favorites, embrace your passion for bicycles and the aroma of fresh coffee. Inside, enjoy the dynamic experience of art, hipster vibes, and a cozy atmosphere. During the day, freelancers and coffee lovers can benefit from the workspace with unlimited wifi. At night, it transforms into a trendy hotspot that draws crowds from all over Madrid. Arrive early to secure a seat and immerse yourself in the cool and collective ambiance.

Address9, Plaza de San Ildefonso, 28004

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