Top 5 Packing Hacks for Business Travelers

5.) Adopt the Right Habits

packing hacks for business travelers businessman with luggage


Making your business trip an utter success can only be possible when following some good practices, before and after your trip. These are some of them.

Plan to Do Laundry

Ask your hotel beforehand if they have a cleaning service or if there is a cleaner nearby. This will cut down on the clothes you bring with you.

You can also quickly wash your smaller clothes (shirts, socks, underwear) under the sink and hanging them in the room if you find yourself needing clean clothes.

Don’t Unpack Everything

Don’t unpack your suitcase if you’re only staying for a few days. Seasoned business travelers recommend unpacking only if you are staying a week or more.

You can use resealable bags to help organize your clothes by day. Put the clothes of each day of your travel into a bag to make it easier for you to keep everything in order.

Keep It Minimal

As the days go on during a trip, our bags start filling up with junk like receipts, guides, maps, tickets, wrappings, and newspapers. Clean your suitcases and purses to get rid of these items. They can take up considerate space when there is a lot of them.

Bring Back-Up Documents

Bring scans of your most important documents to be ready in case a mishap happens. You can also take pictures of them and keep them on your phone and computer:

  • Credit card
  • Hotel reservation
  • ID and driver’s license
  • Passport

Take Insurance

Don’t forget that even if you’re taking all your precautions, an unfortunate event can happen pretty quickly. Travel insurance can protect both you and your belongings.

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