Top 5 Reasons You Should Lock Your Luggage for Travel

What Happens to Your Checked Luggage at the Airport

Many feel a tingling sensation of fear when their luggage makes its way in the conveyor belt behind the counter. That is not an easy goodbye because you don’t know what happens to your baggage when it gets out of your sight.

Well, here is a quick recap of the journey of luggage. When your luggage goes behind that small door, it goes through a screening machine. Your bag is scanned and screened for explosives and other banned items. If all is clear, your luggage is ready to board on the plane.

If there is any doubt about the bag’s content, the TSA might physically inspect it until they are sure it isn’t dangerous. The TSA agents will also inspect your luggage if it is too big and doesn’t fit the screening machine.

Are you following us? Great! Now here is where things get interesting.

In some cases, TSA offers will have to open the bags. If the bag isn’t locked, no problem. But if the bag is locked and the agent can’t open it through their TSA master key, they will cut the lock. This will destroy your lock and could potentially damage your bag or other belongings. The TSA is not liable for any damage they cause when opening the bag for security reasons.

On the one hand, you might ask yourself: “Should I lock my luggage even though the TSA might open it later on, on the risk of damaging my suitcase/bag?” The answer is still yes.

Here are some of the reasons why you should lock your luggage with a TSA lock.