Top 5 Reasons You Should Lock Your Luggage for Travel

1.) You Won’t Find Many Good Alternatives

young woman locking her luggage for security

Diego Cervo / Shutterstock

If you think about it, there are only a few ways to try and make your luggage as theft-proof as possible, and many of them have their own shortages.

Wrapping Your Luggage in Plastic Foil

Wrapping your luggage in plastic foil can prevent liquids to spill on it, be it rain or leaking liquids from other bags. However, it does not help with keeping your baggage secure. It could have the opposite effect and signal to everyone from a great distance that you may be hiding something of value in there.

Tearing the foil open is as easy as it could be and wouldn’t make a difference to a mildly determined thief.

Cable Ties

Cable ties are a low-cost alternative to locks and a much lesser secure one too. They are cheap, disposable, and easy to use. And if you are a forgetful person, you won’t have to worry about your keys and lock code anymore.

Unfortunately, they are also extremely easy to get rid of. A simple nail clipper can do the trick. You might not even know they were tampered with since they can be unzipped and reattached using a nail file.

Now that you know how locking your luggage can make the difference between an epic and a stressful vacation, you need to know which locks to choose.