Is Travel Good For Your Health? Science Says Yes!

8.) It Makes You Smarter

travel good for your health smart travel girl

When you’re hearing different languages and dialects and experiencing new cultures, your brain certainly becomes much smarter. But the effects of travel can manifest themselves without even you having to move from your seat!

In a 2009 study, psychologist Lile Jia of Indiana University conducted a fun and eye-opening experience. He gave a task to to two different groups of students. The first group was told that the task was created by students living in Greece, and the second group was told that the task was created by students in Indiana. The two groups had to list all methods of transportation they could think of. The group that had the connection to Greece came up with a bigger number of methods, most of which were more original.

If your brain could work better only by imagining itself in a foreign land, how do you think it would perform if your whole body was in an overseas country?