10 New York Museums That Show More Than Classic Art

The Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Museum of Modern Art are home to many of the world’s masterpieces. But even though you can find a great Monet or Jackson Pollock at these two institutions, there are many other New York museums around the city for you to explore.

If you go to the Chelsea neighborhood, you’ll see a variety of art galleries as well as the Whitney Museum of Art. Or on the Upper West Side there’s also the American Natural History Museum, which many will know from the 2006 movie, Night at the Museum. Even the New York Public Library in Bryant Park is a museum in itself.

While New York City has many places to appreciate art, there are also other New York museums that don’t showcase art. Instead, they show other aspects of the history of the city, a particular topic or something quirky that people would just find interesting. Whether it’s a period in New York City’s historic past or something a little bit more controversial, the list of museums we’ve put together below run the gamut and will help new visitors and some NYC homebodies look at the city in a very different way.