How Vacation Home Rentals Stack Up vs Hotels

By Veronica | November 8, 2018

1.) Solo Traveler If you are traveling alone, your sleeping accommodation cost is amplified since you have nobody to share the cost with. Transportation and lodging costs are the largest expenses of most vacations. If a single traveler is looking at a home rental vs hotel, in picking a traditional hotel they will likely not…

tips for finding a vacation home rental large beach home

Top Tips to Finding a Vacation Home Rental

By Veronica | November 1, 2018

2.) DO look at the final cost. Every vacation home rental website handles cleaning fees, taxes and service charges differently. You might find a listing you absolutely love listed for an incredible deal, only to find out there are so many additional charges that it consequently becomes out of your budget. In order to find…

top tricks for booking an Airbnb

Insider Tips for Booking an Airbnb for Your Next Trip

By Travel on TV Staff | September 22, 2018

2.) Booking If you’re staying in one city for the entirety of your trip, don’t be afraid to move to a different neighborhood halfway through your stay. You can have a completely different experience! Always ask for a discount if you’re staying for one week or longer or if it’s a last-minute booking. Read all…

happiest countries to live in

The 10 Happiest Countries to Live In

By Ronnie Dauber | August 19, 2018

9.) Switzerland Switzerland is considered one of the safest places worldwide; that, in turn, makes it one of the happiest place to live. Among the population of 8.372 million, many people are very much into outdoor activities that make their lifestyle more healthy and fit. Although it is a very expensive place to live, the high pay…

5 Must See RV Travel Destinations

The 5 Must-See RV Travel Destinations of 2019

By Kyle Doran | August 7, 2018

4.) Huntington Beach, California Next up is a travel gem that stretches along 10 miles of California’s coastline. Huntington Beach, known as Surf City, USA, is the surf capital of the country and was also named “Best California Beach” by USA Today. Here you can experience beach town culture at its finest. Enjoy surfing, bicycling…

travel nightmares

What To Do When These 20 Travel Nightmares Happen

By Youmn | July 31, 2018

19.) Typo in Boarding Plane Ticket I remember vividly when I noticed that there was a typo in my name on one of my plane tickets, only a few hours before my trip. I felt like I was in a horror movie. If the same happens to you, remember to stay calm. Directly call your…

travel medical insurance information

Travel Medical Insurance: Parasites and Diseases You May Encounter While Traveling

By Nikki Ndukwe | June 25, 2018

Countries and Diseases A general rule of thumb is to check the health risks of the areas you are traveling to. The Centers for Disease Control is a great resource for travelers because it includes the specific health risks and the vaccinations that you may be required to get for your visa. If there is…

Travel Insurance Claims Rejected? Here Are 5 Possible Reasons

By Nikki Ndukwe | June 23, 2018

4.) Your Cancellation Reason Wasn’t Eligible Under Your Plan Travel insurance companies offer multiple levels and types of coverage, ranging from basic, bare-bones coverage to more specialized, full coverage. One common way to get rejected is to file for a reason that is ineligible with your current plan. , depending on what   You should…

Travel Insurance Coverage: What is Actually Covered?

By Nikki Ndukwe | June 21, 2018

Trip Cancellation A lot of money goes into planning a trip. It’s not just flight prices, it’s hotels, tour packages and other expenses. If an emergency happens and you cannot travel, general travel insurance covers all of your prepaid and nonrefundable expenses. While the criteria vary for each company, most companies will cover: Injury or…

RV Road Trip

A Practical Guide to Planning a RV Road Trip

By Jennifer Valdes May | June 8, 2018

Plan Your Journey Therefore, the trip should be planned carefully in advance. Pick the destinations you’re wanting to cross off your list, and you might want to check out our West Coasts Top 5 Under-the-Radar Family Road Trip Destinations Check driving distances, and where you could have a stop-over. We recommend the use of – a great…