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5 Pet Travel Tips That’ll Keep You and Your Fur Baby Happy

By Beth Hoke | June 3, 2018

3.) Pet Paperwork Always carry your pet’s vaccination records with you as well as any other required documents like the required health certificate or pet passport. If your vet doesn’t have the documents you need, you can get them from the USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) if you’re from the United States.…

10 Travel Tips for The Tight Digital Nomad Budget

By Jennifer Valdes May | May 29, 2018

8.) Skip Out On Paying Rent By Housesitting Housesitting is THE way to save loads of money traveling and still live in beautiful country houses or city apartments. I’ve saved over $5,000 on accommodations during the past 12 months alone because I chose to not pay rent. Instead, I’ve lived for free in houses that…

The Top 10 Travel Bloggers You Should Already Be Following

By Jennifer Valdes May | May 22, 2018

8.) Girl Gone Travel Carol is yet another professional who quit the cubicle life to become an award-winning travel and food blogger. The woman behind Girl Gone Travel, provides inspiration for all those who want to travel, eat and live life to the fullest. As a mother of three, she knows of the struggles every…

5 Jaw-Dropping Cathedrals And Churches In Paris Worth a Visit

By Youmn | May 15, 2018

3.) Saint-Louis des Invalides Cathedral Situated in the heart of Hôtel Des Invalides, Saint-Louis des Invalides Cathedral plays a central role in the history of France. The Hôtel Des Invalides (also called Les Invalides) was originally erected as a retirement home for war veterans during the reign of Louis XIV. Answering the desires of the…

Top 15 Female Travel Products That’ll Save You on Your Next Trip

By Adrienne McDermott | April 17, 2018

3.) Diarrhea Meds Nobody likes to talk about butt problems, but let’s be real. When visiting a new place, it’s not uncommon for your stomach to go ham over the new bacterias you’re exposing it to. It’s hard to avoid the incredible-smelling street food that may or may not have lived past its prime. It’s…

Dual citizenship

Top 5 Easiest Countries to Get Dual Citizenship

By Flora Richards-Gustafson | April 11, 2018

3.) St. Kitts and Nevis The islands of St. Kitts and Nevis in the Caribbean have a neat little thing called the Citizenship-by-Investment program. The program allows you to purchase citizenship for you and your dependents. To prove that you’re worthy, you must make a direct donation or invest in the country. There are two…

13 Tips For Staying Healthy While Traveling

By Jennifer Valdes May | April 8, 2018

11.) Make Sure Your Vaccinations Are Up To Date The smartest way to stay healthy traveling is to check up with your doc before even leaving the country. Do you need to refresh vaccinations or immunities? Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Typhoid Fever, Yellow Fever and Cholera vaccines are a must-have for any trip you’re taking…

2018 Travel Destinations - New Zealand

Top 5 Trending 2019 Travel Destinations and Tips From Industry Experts

By Jessica Ourisman | January 5, 2018

From New Zealand to South Korea, these five countries are the must-see 2018 travel destinations, according to people in the biz.

Top 5 Instagrammable Cities in Morocco

By Youmn | December 30, 2017

3.) The Blue Chefchaouen View this post on Instagram Chefchaouen! The blue pearl city. One of the coolest cities I've ever seen. ᠅᠅᠅ There are several myths to why they painted everything blue. One is that it keeps the flies and mosquitos away or another is that when the city received an influx of Jews…

Camping Tips Featured Image

Top 5 Tips To A Successful Camping Trip

By Travel on TV Staff | October 6, 2017

3.) Don’t use the woods as your bathroom Admittedly, the Century Five-Gallon Portable Toilet isn’t the most glamorous product, but “when you gotta go, you gotta go,” so this portable toilet is a necessity anytime you are heading out in the woods. Even if you have access to bathrooms nearby, it’s still wise to have something like…