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Items Flight Attendants Recommend Bringing On The Plane

By Leigh Kunis | October 4, 2017

4.) Compression Packing Cubes Traveling packing cubes are the ultimate luggage organizers. They are able to maximize your space so you can fit all your belongings in an organized using minimal space. If you have only a carry on luggage, this is a great way to pack a lot of your items. The added bonus…

Top 5 Tips to Save Money on a Trip

By Travel on TV Staff | August 29, 2017

4.) Bring Your Snacks If you are traveling by air, you’ll have limited options onboard your flight for snacks. Most airlines offer a bag of pretzels—if even that. Some airlines offer snack boxes for purchase, but they are costly. Although you can buy snacks at the airport, you’ll contend with the same high costs and…

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5 Vacation Discounts That Are Often Overlooked

By Teresa Bergen | July 26, 2013

2.) Repositioning Cruises Many cruise ships ply distinct summer and winter routes. For example, a ship might cruise Alaska in the summer and the Caribbean in the winter. When it’s time to alter the route, many lines offer repositioning cruises. These one-way voyages are usually during shoulder season for both places — a little late…